I never knew what the big deal was about escape rooms until I tried one in Bangkok. Finding Escape Break helped me experience this unique way of gaming, and I've never regretted my decision.

Anyone who's up for a unique adventure in one of the best settings in the gaming world will enjoy themselves. This escape room added a whole new layer of fun to my trip. Here is my experience of it.

The features

  • Each escape room holds two to seven players
  • Everyone is locked in (believe me, this makes a difference)
  • Everyone searches for clues
  • Solving puzzles is also part of the experience
  • You need to be about to escape in 60 minutes or less
  • There are four experiences you can choose: Outbreak, Relic Rush, Ghost Ship, and Kowloon Captive (guess which one I selected as you read!)

The escape scenario

I'll describe the scenario to give you an idea of what playing in this escape room was like. The year the escape scenario take place in was 1872, and it was easy to imagine being on the North Atlantic.

The helmsman spots a ship, and everyone is summoned to get ready for a salvage operation. However, it soon becomes obvious that something very unexpected has happened.

The team boarded the ship that apparently seemed deserted, yet sounds were coming from below that we needed to investigate. However, we only had a limited time to find out what the ship's mystery was before the captain would leave ahead of the bad weather.

What's playing the game like?

I booked in advance, which I'd recommend you do if you want to make sure you get your chance. This experience is a big deal, and you can be sure that many others are going to jump on board, so make sure you have your spot.

You'll encounter an Escape Master right away, who gives you a bit of an intro to the game. The Escape Master will guide you to your game room, and also plays an important role while you're playing the game.

The Escape Master's job is to watch the players using a camera while the game is going on. Because everyone's locked into the room, it's important to work together to get the mystery solved in enough time so you can leave with a good score.

It's possible to require a few hints to get turned in the right direction. This is where the Escape Master comes in, because they can give out tips of you seem to be stuck.

Taking advantage of these tips comes with a price, though. You'll find that this is ultimately reflected in your final score, so you'll want to use tips only as a last resort.

Paying attention during the game is crucial, since it's very easy to miss important clues. There are also some possible false clues that might throw you off, so pay attention.

A soundtrack and details that make everything look real will help you feel that sense of urgency that's necessary. For a winning score, try to make sure you've gotten almost everything solved before you're warned that you're nearly out of time.

What were the best parts?

One of the best things about visiting the escape room was the sense of achievement from solving the puzzles. These weren't easy by any means, and I really felt quite clever for finishing up well.

A family with kids was there at the same time, and everyone looked like they were having lots of fun. I think it's safe to say that this is an activity the whole family will like.

There are plans to add additional escape experiences. I think this shows that there's a good chance people will want to keep coming back for more.


Address: 281/19-23 Silom Soi 1, Silom Road, Silom Sub-District, Bangrak District, Bangkok, Thailand 10500
Demographics: a mixture of families with children, couples, and groups of adults of various ages

I had one of the most exciting gaming experiences I've had in a long time, and encourage others to give it a try!

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