February was quite a different month for us than January. We moved around a lot more, stayed in dorms more often than we would have liked, and spent a lot more time in the countryside, away from cities. It has been lovely (though difficult at times), but we have definitely learnt that we are city boys, and will be adjusting our itinerary as such.

  • Ferries taken: 3
  • Number of beds slept in (each): 12
  • Times I went out without my coat and regretted it: more than I care to admit (especially if Zab told me I should have taken it)

What did we spend? (All values are in GBP)

  • Total spent for 2 people in February (28 days): £1577.14
  • Average per person per day: £28.16

Here's a pie chart:


We did much better in February than January, even though Chile is likely to be the most expensive country we visit in South America, so we were pleased about that. We still didn't get our spending down below the £25 per person per day budget we set ourselves, but I'm sure we will be consistently under it in the cheaper countries such as Bolivia and Peru, so it will balance out. At least that's what I hope!

In the January report, I predicted that our eating out spending would be relatively lower than our food shopping spending for February, and I was right. Most of the places we stayed in Chile had kitchens, and we took advantage of that fact.

Surprisingly, despite being over almost twice as many days (in January we travelled only 15; in February all 28), our café spending for February is actually less than it was in January. Since Zab is responsible for entering the figures for our spending in the app, I wonder if he's been fudging them to make it look as if he's been curbing his caffeine habit.

Zab: It's quite possible that I've had just as many coffees, but I think that Sam has been having fewer expensive juices. That's why the café spending is down!

Zab's beloved coffee
Zab's beloved coffee

What did we do?

We spent most of February in Chile. It was a last minute decision at the beginning of the month to cross the boarder from the sleepy town of Los Antiguos in Argentina to Chile Chico and travel up the Carretera Austral and on to Chiloé island and the Lake District. We met up with the GlobetrotterGirls, and after several long and encouraging verbal and then email conversations with Dani, I decided that I should start taking this blog thing more seriously.

We enjoyed our time in the south of the world's longest country, but after some second-guessing, we changed our plans again and returned to Argentina on the last day of February, where I'm writing from.

Overall, we're happy with how the month went, but we're already working on changing a few of the things we weren't so happy with so that March can be even better!

boats in Chaiten
boats in Chaiten

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