February was a month of work, work and more work. Still, for me, there was quite a lot of travel, though all of it for work.

What did we do?

We spent the entirety of February apart, with Zab mostly in London with the occasional work visit to the south coast of England and to Essex and me in Austria, teaching English in a different school every week. I started February in Linz staying with my friend Uli, then went off to teach in Villach in Carinthia, then Graz in Styria over my birthday, followed by a small town near Innsbruck in Tyrol and finally another small town near Linz in Upper Austria. Now I'm back in Linz with Uli again.

What did we spend?

  • Total spent for two people in February (28 days): £672.45
  • Average per person per day: £12.00

The pie chart:


You'll notice there was no spending on accommodation in February, as Zab was at home in London and I was working in Austria where my employer pays for my accommodation. Miscellaneous includes the usual toiletries, a haircut for Zab as well as lots of vitamins and some medicine (including an asthma inhaler for me) as we both got slightly ill during February.

Our largest expense was transport, which is mostly trains around Austria for me, but also some local transport in London for Zab. Entertainment all mine, and was entry to a few touristy things in Graz and Innsbruck as well as entry to spa for an afternoon.

Not included in the above total is £36 for Zab's Pilates classes and £260 for acupuncture treatment for his recent illness, which was nothing serious.

view over Graz from the Berglift
view over Graz from the Berglift

Indefinite Adventure around the web

We had a few appearances on some other cool blogs in February, many of them as contributions to some great collaborative posts:

On the blog

Apart from our regular features of Best Reads and Monthly Reports, these are a few of the posts we’ve put out on the blog this past month in case you missed them:

  • In Madrid, we visited Europe's first 100% raw vegan restaurant, Crucina, and reviewed it
  • Cuenca, our favourite city in Ecuador, really deserved its own guide, so I wrote one
  • We discovered a new favourite vegan/vegetarian place in central London, Wild Food Café
  • My mum's husband, John, wrote about his experience in the Ecuadorian Amazon, and contributed some amazing photos
  • We reached our 400 days of travel and looked back on what we'd done and where we'd been
  • Finally, I got around to putting together an overview of our favourite neighbourhoods of Buenos Aires, a city that we still think a lot about
  • Wrapping up our Ecuador posts, we published a guide on what to do in Otavalo, famous for its artisan markets


How was your February?

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