Earlier this week we were staying at Casa de Bamboo in Huacachina. We knew they had a vegetarian restaurant attached, but it wasn't until we got there that we realised the restaurant was really the star of the show and the rooms were a side business (there are only two!) for the owner, Beth from Cornwall.

We ate at Beth's place every night we were there, and sampled almost everything on the menu: it was all lovely, fresh and well seasoned, and these are the only two things I managed to summon the self restraint to snap a picture of before devouring messily. She also does falalfel, which in South America is a welcome change from the usual meat, potatoes and pasta…but unfortunately, we didn't manage to refrain ourselves from diving right in when they arrived in front of us!

guacamole dip with chopped vegetables
homemade brownie with cream and ice cream

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