This week's food porn comes from the unexciting Peruvian town of Ica. Though the town itself is nothing special, we did find a nice little vegetarian place, El Paraíso, for a good value lunch menu of just S/8 (£1.80) including starter, soup, main and drink.

There are actually several typical Peruvian dishes that are vegetarian friendly and easy to find almost anywhere. Unsurprisingly, they involve the two main staples native to this part of the world: potato and quinoa.

The starter here was Papa a la Huancaína, a dish of boiled potatoes served on lettuce and covered in a yellow pepper and cream sauce. The main is Guiso de Quinoa, basically a quinoa stew served with rice. They both sound (and indeed are) very simple, but are tasty, cheap and easy to come by.



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