From now on, Food Porn Fridays will be a selection of the best places we’ve eaten, snacked or drunk at during the past week.

Of course, you’ll be able to get early access to all the places we check in to every day by following us on Foursquare, which you can do through the website, the iPhone app or the Android app. You’ll also be able to use the app to find cool places around your area too once you join!

Again, cake features heavily in this week's food porn. Mainly, this is because we've been cooking for ourselves at home for regular meals, so haven't had the chance to snap pictures of anything other than our (almost daily) treat of coffee and cake!

Don Mamino

We generally don't expect much of big chain cafés like this, but the selection of cakes was extremely tempting, and what we had (lemon pie and pecan tart) proved to be particularly good.


Details: Foursquare; website; Avenida 28 de Julio 1301 (Miraflores) and several others around Lima (San Isidro, La Molina, Surco and Asia).


At first, we thought the fuchsia walls and mismatched chairs might be a little tacky, but we were won over by this place's homely charm and generous cakes and other goodies. Pictured here is a nutella cupcake (which sounded too good to be true, and while it was delicious, did not taste like Nutella), apple pie and chocolate chip cookie. Yes, we were feeling greedy!


Details: Foursquare; Facebook; Henry Revett 259 (Miraflores).

Il Cappuccino

We chose this place because it was bright and seemed like a good place to work, and were pleasantly surprised by the generous waffles and ‘portion' of carrot cake which actually meant two slices. Not complaining about that. The ice tea was also wonderfully refreshing.


Details: Foursquare; website; Manuel Bonilla 103 (Miraflores).


We tried going to this place once before, but it was full to the brim and we needed a place to work, so had to leave. When we tried again, though, we arrived earlier and snagged a good spot to perch ourselves on the diminutive tables. The masses had chosen to fill up this place mostly for the ambiance and wifi it seemed; the cakes (we had carrot cake and passionfruit cheesecake) were lovely, and the coffee was fine, but the staff were pretty ditzy!


Details: Foursquare; Facebook; Recavarren 269 (Miraflores).

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