Our Food Porn Fridays are mostly a selection of the best places we’ve eaten, snacked or drunk at during the past week.

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Since we're leaving Lima in a few days, this will be the last Food Porn Friday of this kind from Lima. We've tried many new places and revisited a few favourites that we may not have shared with you before.


We'd tried visiting this burger place twice before, and it was completely full with a waiting time of half an hour both times, so we figured it must be something special. The picture is of the quinoa burger with onion rings, which while very tasty, was too large and definitely more than I needed. The service was very attentive and while the ambiance was not really what we like (loud music, people celebrating birthdays, a busy but impersonal seating area and the feeling that we could've just as easily been in North America or Europe), we now understand why it's so popular: in Peru, coming to a place like this is very much show of status.


Details: Foursquare; Facebook; Avenida La Paz 1045 (Miraflores).

La Bodega Verde

We loved this cute little teahouse that also has a nice selection of coffees and cakes, and had it not been winter, we would have sat in the garden area, that was wonderfully calm. It could be a great place to take the laptop to hole up and work for a few hours.


Details: Foursquare; Facebook; Jirón Sucre 335 (Barranco).


This is one the place we've been waiting to go to since we got to Lima. Not only a purely vegetarian (and in fact mostly vegan) restaurant, everything on offer is also organic. Rest assured that we'll be writing more extensively about this place in a future post of its own, but suffice to say that it's something quite special for a reasonable price.


Details: Foursquare; Facebook; Recavarren 298 (Miraflores).


We like this café as a quiet alternative to Starbucks, and it serves as a good place to work for similar reasons: decent wifi, no table services (so you get left alone to work as long as you like) and electric sockets. And they do a pretty mean hierbaluisa (lemon grass) tea!


Details: Foursquare; Facebook; Avenida La Paz 463 (Miraflores).

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