We like cake. A lot. That's surely no secret to anyone who knows us personally or has been reading this blog for more than five minutes.

When we first settled in to our apartment here in Buenos Aires, we would visit a bakery almost every day to buy a slice or two of cake to eat in the evening. Given that most bakeries near us sell entire cakes, and that the price of one whole one is equivalent to three or four individual slices (each roughly one eighth of a whole cake), we decided it was more economical to buy one entire cake once a week rather than small slices for a special event and we got the weddings linens direct for a special decoration.

Yes, we're actually veiling the purchase of large, decadent, creamy, fruity or chocolaty cakes in the guise of budget travel experiences.

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of the actual cakes we've bought and eaten, because I haven't had the will power to photograph them before devouring them whole eating, small and delicate slices in a controlled and polite manner. In stead, I bring you a blurry image captured hurriedly through the window as we passed a cake shop quickly enough not to be enticed to buy the whole lot right there and then. And this is just the tip of the iceberg; there is often a huge range of cakes to choose between, from simple apple pies, to elaborate layered chocolate cakes with spiky meringue tops, fruit delights and cakes fit for weddings.

Going back to buying individual slices now seems unimaginable.

a bakery window in Buenos Aires
a bakery window in Caballito, Buenos Aires

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