Is it just me, or is Czech gay porn a really big deal? It seems to be everywhere, to the extent now that whenever I visit the Czech Republic, I realise it has given me certain expectations about hot, young Czech men.

On our most recent trip to Prague, just a brief one night stay on the way from Austria back to Berlin by train, I persuaded Zab to come with me to one of the gay saunas there, Babylonia. Well, I say persuaded: it didn't take too much convincing. He has, you know, heard of the internet.

However, when we turned up, the person working reception told us immediately “there is no one else here, only you”. My first reaction was actually that it sounded perfect: having a sauna entirely to ourselves? Yes please.

The place was a little weird however, with very low lighting and uncomfortable chairs. Strangest of all, there was no jacuzzi, so no real communal area to sit and people watch, in case anyone else did turn up. The dry sauna was perfect though and just what I wanted.

The only area to sit and “relax” was in the basement: a huge room with soft seats covered in easily wipeable plastic facing a screen showing this certain kind of central European gay porn: smooth, muscly guys, barely showing any emotions while fucking outdoors. It ebbed between funny, sad and arousing to sit and watch this ridiculousness in a dark, empty room.

Eventually some other people did turn up, which changed things a little, but that's a slightly different kind of story.

While I've spent plenty of time discovering vegan Prague, it was nice to get just a glimpse at gay Prague, but of course on this visit at least we didn't get to experience any of the bars, clubs or even their own annual pride event. Nonetheless, it was nice to see that there is a gay scene in Czech Republic, and interesting to note that at least some of my expectations about gay Czech guys that I've learnt from porn are in the neighbourhood of correct!

Certainly, uncovering the full extent of Prague's gay scene will require further investigation, but it's nice to know that there is one in the closest foreign capital to our home in Berlin, as it's an easy weekend trip and has some great Airbnb deals!

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