Zab and I first visited the Hammam Al Ándalus when we were last in Madrid, seven and a half years earlier, and when we were planning our return to Europe from South America via Madrid, it was high on our to do list for the Spanish capital.

Hidden away from the bustle of central Madrid, these Arab style baths are underground, built into a centuries-old reservoir where as much as of the original structure and materials have preserved as possible.

We went on a Tuesday morning to take advantage of one of their special offers, and found the place to be pleasantly quiet with just four or five other customers using the baths at the time.

the hot and warm pools
the hot and warm pools

Most of our time was spent going between the cool (18C), warm (36C) and hot (42C) pools, and simply relaxing into the calm and peaceful environment. We also spent time in the resting room, a warm space with various places to sit and sip the complimentary sweet tea as well as choose the fragrance of the oil you’d like for your massage.

After around an hour in the baths, we were called for the massage, for which we were lead upstairs into a dedicated room and asked to lie face down on a massage table. The massage, which you can choose to be divided over your back and legs or just to concentrate on both, lasted around half an hour before we were left to return to the baths for another half hour before our time was up.

the massage room
the massage room

Overall, we found the experience of visiting the Hammam Al Ándalus in Madrid very relaxing and worthwhile and a great way to wrap up our time in this vibrant city. My only complaint, however, would be that the massage while pleasant, wasn’t very intensive and sometimes I felt more like I was being tickled than massaged, despite asking for more pressure.

Many thanks to Rebecca of Hammam Al Ándalus for kindly proving all the photos for this article, as cameras are not allowed in the baths. Also, thanks to her for arranging a discount on our entry to the baths and massage. She did not request that we write a favourable review, and our opinions are, and always will be, our own.


  • This being southern Europe, bathing suits are required, unlike in central Europe or Scandinavia.
  • Cost: depending on what you want, entry and a treatment can cost between €19 and €73. Go on weekdays at 10am, 12pm, 2pm and 4pm to get €11 off all their services.
  • Telephone: +34 902 333 334
  • Wesbite; Facebook; Foursquare

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