January was a slightly hectic month of family, friends, work and travel.

What did we do?

The first few days spent continuing our roadtrip around southern Britain that we began at the end of December, first by bringing in the new year in Bristol, then visiting a friend in Malvern and my mother in Oxford, before returning to London and catching up with work and other friends there and doing an amazing food tour. We then flew together to Budapest and spent ten days in a cute apartment we rented, mostly working and eating good food. From there, I took a train to Austria to start a teaching contract while Zab flew back to London.

What did we spend?

  • Total spent for two people in January (31 days): £1128.91
  • Average per person per day: £18.21

The pie chart:


Here, the accommodation spending is entirely for the apartment we rented for 11 nights in Budapest, as the rest of the time we were either staying with friends or family, or while I was working in Austria, my company covered the cost of my hotel.

Most of the Transport spending is accounted for by flights to Budapest from London (and back again, for Zab) trains I had to take to and within Austria and London public transport.

Not included in the above total is £43.76 on electronics and tech accessories, £24.95 of which was a laptop case for Zab's new laptop.

elephant octopus
elephant octopus…because, why not?

Indefinite Adventure around the web

Compared to other months, I wrote quite a lot of content that was published on other sites in January. This is the full list in case you missed any of them:

On the blog

Apart from our regular features of Best Reads and Monthly Reports, these are a few of the posts we’ve put out on the blog this past month in case you missed them:


How was your January?

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