July has been a rather sedentary month. We spent all but the first four days of it in Arequipa, in our rented apartment, mostly getting work done and a little bit of sightseeing around the city.

What did we spend? (All values are in GBP)

  • Total spent for two people in July (31 days): £1111.45
  • Average per person per day: £17.93

The pie chart:0713_spending

Since our budget for July was the same as June (£1200, or £20 per person per day), we are really pleased that we came out significantly under. This is of course due mostly to the fact that we were renting an apartment for most of the month and didn't travel around, rather than our abstemious lifestyle!

We ate out once almost every day (usually a light dinner), plus indulged in a café visit every day, for work purposes of course. Obviously transport costs were low due to being in one city most of the time, though we often took taxis to get home after staying out for dinner. Typically, this cost S/6-7 (£1.40-1.70), though we were living in a residential neighbourhood of Arequipa that's a little further out of the centre than most visitors would probably consider, and therefore cost a little more than taxi rides in the downtown area.

Entertainment this month didn't include much, as we didn't do all that much. It does include entrance to the Museo del Poncho in Copacabana, the tour we did on Lake Titicaca from Puno, and also entry to a few museums in Arequipa as well as a tip for the free walking tour.

As usual, miscellaneous includes toiletries, non-food items (postcards, stamps, a new hat and new set of headphones for me) and services (laundry, an eye test and a haircut each).

Our spending on phone and internet was much higher this month than previous months because of a mistake on Movistar's part. Basically, when we bought our Peruvian sim, they oversold us credit, we believing prepaying for mobile internet would not result in it being time limited. It was, and so we unknowingly paid for more internet usage than we'd be able to reasonably use in one month. Oh well, at least we know for next month!

another view of Volcán Misti, this time with added river!
Volcán Misti, Arequipa

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What did we do?

We spent the first few days of the month by Lake Titicaca on the Peruvian side in the town of Puno before heading to Arequipa where we moved into a rented apartment that we stayed in for the rest of the month, and where we are now. We've been spending a lot of time indoors, and in cafés, working, but have also made some time to get to know the city, and made a few friends.

Plaza de Armas, ARequipa
Plaza de Armas, Arequipa

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