Being someone who has multiple sexual and romantic partners, it is very important for me to talk about sexual health. However, I know that a lot of people are uncomfortable with this, or simply not used to it being a topic up for discussion. The thing is, with many things we don't commonly talk about, continuing to not talk about it feels safe or comfortable, whereas breaching that taboo and starting the conversation makes many of us uneasy and afraid.

In fact, what happens when we start talking openly about these topics, is that we can become empowered by the ability to express what we want and what we feel, and also the knowledge that we can have access to by being open to the discussion in the first place. STDs can seem scary because they often feel like a distant, unknown, foreign danger that may not seemingly directly affect our lives but could somehow happen to us, like a car crash or a hurricane.

Knowing how STDs are spread, talking to your partners and getting tested for them empowers us to make logical and conscious decisions about the kind of sex we want and are able to have. While in many places in the world it's possible to get STD tests at your local doctor, it may take some time to wait for an appointment, give your samples and get the results. If you're in the US, consider the service STD Check, which offers the ability to order your tests online, book in to give your samples at a local clinic in less than 5 minutes and be sent the results securely and confidentially within 2 days at most.

The service is connected with over 4,500 test centres across the United States and by booking your sample appointment online, you won't have to sit around in a waiting room for your turn. What's more, they'll send you the results by email, so you're not waiting for an awkward call that you may miss or come at an inappropriate time.

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