As promised in February's report, in March we made the decision to increase our budget slightly to £30 per person per day. Perhaps not the wisest decision, but it helped us relax a little as we knew spending time in one of South America's most expensive countries (Uruguay) would be very stressful if we were trying to make our spending there fit in to an unrealistic budget. We rationalise this also with the knowledge that as soon as we head to northern Argentina and Bolivia (South America's cheapest country), we will be spending significantly less than either our original or revised budgets. Hopefully.

  • Overnight journeys: 2
  • Forms of transport used: 4 (taxi, bus, boat, train!)
  • Litres of coffee Zab has drunk: he can't remember, he's had too much coffee

What did we spend? (All values are in GBP)

  • Total spent for 2 people in March (31 days): £1887.13
  • Average per person per day: £30.44

Here's the pie chart:


Since we increased our budget, we were actually only a few pence over, which was good. You may notice that accommodation is significantly less than it was in February, despite March being a longer month. This is mostly due to the fact that we travelled overnight twice during March and that we couchsurfed a total of six nights, meaning there were eight nights when we didn't have to pay for accommodation.

Zab waiting for us to pull out of Bariloche station on the Tren Patagónico
Zab waiting for us to pull out of Bariloche station on the Tren Patagónico

What did we do?

​We began March in San Carlos de Bariloche, where we spent a grand total of eleven days, several of which we were kept indoors because of the rain and got a lot of work done. When the sun shone, however, we took advantage of the outdoor activities and beautiful scenery.

We then had the Great Train Adventure, which took us across the country to the coast, where we couchsurfed and searched for beauty in unlikely places. A quick stop over in Buenos Aires gave us the opportunity to find an apartment to rent, and then we were off again to Uruguay for ten days, where it mostly rained. But we did get to meet up with Jess and Dani again.

Fianlly, we ended up back in Buenos Aires, settled in to our apartment where we'll be until at least 25th April.​

Lago Escondido on the circuito chico near Bariloche
Lago Escondido on the circuito chico near Bariloche

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