May was a stationary month, the focus mostly on work.

What did we do?

We spent all of May in Berlin, subletting a temporary apartment in Schillerkiez, one of our favourite parts of the city. We worked a lot in cafés, cycled around, ate some great food, saw Zab's sister perform at a Kreuzberg club, did a food tour, watched an English-language theatre performance and met up with friends including some other bloggers, Adam and Victoria and Steve.

What did we spend?

  • Total spent for two people in May (31 days): £1436.61
  • Average per person per day: £23.17

The pie chart:


All of the accommodation portion of our spending in May was the rent for the apartment we sublet in Berlin, which included all bills, plus we got the use of two (old) bikes too. Half of the transport spending was on a train ticket for me to get back to Austria at the end of the month and the rest was for the odd times we used the Berlin public transport to get somewhere after dark, somewhere really far from our place or if it was raining. Unsurprisingly, café spending was higher than either food or eating out and entertainment mostly included the activities mentioned above. As usual, miscellaneous was the usual toiletries, haircuts and odds and ends that don't fit in to any other category.

Note on the spending report: I have decided to no longer include our spending in the monthly reports. One reason for this is that our plans over the coming months are going to be a bit unusual and many of the things we'll be doing (and paying for) have nothing to do with travel, so our spending will not realistically reflect a lifestyle of nomadic travel. When I feel it appropriate, I will instead create spending reports for specific countries or regions, such as this one about Bolivia, as I believe this information will be much more useful and interesting.

a cute café in Schillerkiez
a cute café in Schillerkiez

Indefinite Adventure around the web

We didn't pop up all that much on another site in May.

On the Blog

Apart from our regular features of Best Reads and Monthly Reports, these are a few of the posts we’ve put out on the blog this past month in case you missed them:

Saladin castle, Syria
Saladin castle, Syria

How was your May?

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