November saw us reach 300 days of continuous travel and also the end of our time in South America and the start of our next phase of travelling in Europe!

What did we do?

We spent the first two and a half weeks of November in Cuenca, Ecuador, working and exploring the city. We then spent a whirlwind week travelling further south in Ecuador to the gorgeous Vilcabamba area then flying back to Quito to spend a few days in Otavalo before catching a flight to Madrid via Bogotá. In the Spanish capital we did a wonderful food tour and soaked in a hammam before carrying on to London to see friends and family, catch up on work and do some chores.

What did we spend?

  • Total spent for two people in November (30 days): £1694.77
  • Average per person per day: £28.25

The pie chart:


The majority of Accommodation is the apartment we rented in Cuenca for $42.50 (£25.95) per day, making it one of our most expensive ones, but also hotels in Vilcabamba, Loja, Otavalo and Madrid. Transport is made up largely by the two flights we took in November, first from Loja to Quito in our final week in Ecuador (£102.82 for two tickets) and then from Madrid to London (£77.05 for both of us), but also a few taxis and several local buses.

Eating out is considerably larger than Food, despite having a kitchen for the first half of November, as there was just so much tasty food to try in Cuenca! Entertainment is mostly entrance to a few museums and spa entrance in Cuenca (£18.30) and in Madrid (£29.85). Miscellaneous includes two haircuts at £1.83 each as well as the usual toiletries and other boring items.

Not included in the above total is £64.56 spent on gifts, which were: some chocolate, coffee, raw sugar and organic soap, a panama hat, a woolen hat, a poncho, two scarves, two pillow cases and three paintings. Transport doesn’t include our one-way flights with Avianca from Quito to Madrid, which came in at £867.57 for both of us.

Zab hat shopping
Zab hat shopping

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On the blog

Apart from our regular features of the Travel Diary, Best Reads and Monthly Reports, these are a few of the posts we’ve put out on the blog this past month in case you missed them:

Laguna Cuicocha near Otavalo
Laguna Cuicocha near Otavalo

How was your November?

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