My O’ahu Hawaii Wishlist

There aren't so many destinations in the US that I'm interested in visiting. The few that attract me are mostly cities with a hipster, alternative and counter-cultural scenes, like Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Detroit and Philadelphia. Of course, the US also has some places of spectacular natural beauty, and one of those that stands out the most to me is Hawaii. So here's my wishlist for a trip to O'ahu, Hawaii.

Before booking my trip, I'd first check out some cool AirBnB's in Hawaii for a cool place to stay and base myself for my trip around these islands. Of course, if you're one of the lucky few who have joined a timeshare, you likely have lots of options for staying on the island. But if your timeshare isn't living up to your expectations, don't hesitate to check out this guide to cancel a timeshare in Hawaii and look for other options. I'd want to focus mostly on the island of O'ahu, simply because it's the best connected, most compact and therefore has the most to offer in a relatively small area. I'd then want to get stuck in to the organic, healthy and vegan food scene, which is booming in Honolulu in particular!

Some places I'd head first to eat would be Simple Joy for a nice mix of vegan American food as well as traditional Vietnamese pho and noodle dishes, Peace Cafe for hearty, home cooked food with an international twist, and Greens and Vines for some raw vegan gourmet goodness!

Next up would be finding the perfect place to have coffee and get some work done in a cool surrounding, one of the perks of this digital nomad life! The Curb, with two locations in town (at UH Mānoa and in Kaimukī) looks like perhaps the perfect place for this, as it has a range of non-dairy milks on offer, and an extensive range of beans from premium roasters served by some very knowledgeable baristas with a passion for coffee. Other solid options are Coffee Talk and Blue Tree Cafe which both seem to have excellent coffee, free wifi and friendly staff.

Of course a high priority of a trip to Hawaii for me would be to get out into that beautiful nature, and what better way to do that than taking a hike on the island? O'ahu has many great hikes scattered around the island that all look wonderful, but two that particularly catch my eye are the relatively easy Kuli'ou'ou Ridge Trail that offers great views over the island to the east and the Likeke Falls Trail for a secluded but still accessible waterfall hangout spot taking you through some fantastic scenery through the forests.

After all that, what I'd want to do is just relax on one of the North Shore beaches for an afternoon, and O'ahu certainly doesn't have any shortage of those! Kawela Bay (also known as Turtle Bay) on the north coast offers a calm place to kick back away from the crowds and surfers of the south and west coast beaches and find some quiet. It's a great place to go snorkling and is also somewhere you might have the chance of seeing the Hawaiian green sea turtle!

So, that's my wishlist of places to visit on O'ahu, Hawaii. Where would you like to visit in this Pacific archipelago?