September was a month of mostly work, yet we did manage to enjoy ourselves too!

What did we do?

We spent the entire month of September in Lima, living in the apartment we rented, except the last day when we flew to the north of Peru to continue overland towards Ecuador. During the month, we were a little ill several times and spent a lot of time catching up on work. This being the the biggest city we'd been in since Buenos Aires, we of course made time to squeeze in visits to many cafés, restaurants, museums and art galleries!

What did we spend?

  • Total spent for two people in September (30 days): £1439.90
  • Average per person per day: £24.00

The pie chart:


This month's spending doesn't include paying to see doctors a few times each, nor the medicine prescribed to us, which in total was probably a couple of hundred pounds. The reason this isn't included is because we will (hopefully) be able to claim it back from our insurance once we get all the paperwork together.

Also not included in this months spending was a new pair of glasses for me, which cost £210.21. Given that I have a very complicated prescription, that the lenses react to sunlight and are very high quality, I'm quite happy with this price as the same thing would certainly have definitely cost more in the UK.

Transport includes a one flight on the last day of the month from Lima to Piura that cost us £120.20 for the two of us, which is why our transport spending was reasonably high for a month mostly spent in one city. While in Lima, we mostly used public transport (a ride on the Metropolitano costs around £0.45), and occasionally, but not very often, took taxis.

Entertainment includes museum and art gallery entrance fees as well as a chocolate making workshop, which alone was £31.89.

Our spending on phone and internet was pretty low this month, as we had wifi almost everywhere we went in the city (and of course in our apartment), and only used the phone a few times to make calls and to have 3G when out on the street to look up directions or do the odd Foursquare check in!

street art in Lima near our apartment
street art in Lima near our apartment

Indefinite Adventure around the web

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  • 16th September: The guys from Five Dollar Traveller asked me to write about cheap and tasty food in South America; how could I resist?!
  • 16th September: We did an interview with Will Peach for his travelling couples series.
  • 23rd September: We wrote about a week in our life of travel for Nora from The Professional Hobo from back in March when we were in Bariloche, Argentina.
  • 29th September: Colleen Brynn gave us the chance to write a bit about a place we could totally live: Buenos Aires!

On the blog

Apart from our regular features of Food Porn Friday, Travel Diary, Best Reads and Monthly Reports, these are a few of the posts we've put out on the blog this past month in case you missed them:


How was your September?

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