When it comes to exotic sceneries and wildlife, Australia is probably the king. Even though bush fires have been ravaging in the livelihood of the animals and natural resources of the Far East continent, their efforts for conservation is unmatched.

But, that doesn't mean that the country doesn't come with the share of challenges. You might quickly get too excited about seeing their koalas and kangaroos that you forget essential things.

So because I would like to save you from the unnecessary embarrassment, I will take you through a list of things you must know before your Australia visit.

Have your Australian visa intact!

When getting to a new country for tourism, you need to make sure that you have the right documents. You want to get the best experience. You are going there for fun and entertainment, and you don't want any disappointment, which is why you must always have a legal permit. As long as you're from an eligible country, you can apply for an Australian visa on the internet.

People from New Zealand can travel in the country without any documentation except for their passport. However, if you come from other countries, then you may need to get an e-visa. Applicants must be disease-free and eligible within the Australian visa requirements. You can choose the multiple entries or the single-entry visa option. For more information, visit https://www.australiaonlinevisa.org/.

Learn the Australian language

I know you probably think that Australian English is just English. But most Aussies speak slang and with a rich accent. So, instead of saying “tomato sauce,” you need to say “ketchup.” “Thongs” are “flip flops” and “swimmers or bathers” are the “bathing suit.” And, instead of saying, “do you want to join us for tea?” you should instead say, “do you want to join us for dinner?”

A different Australian summer

Summer is a little different in Australia than it is in the Northern Hemisphere. You can find the dry summers, especially if you are in Perth Australia or the cold Brisbane Summers. Then the city of Darwin has a year-long summer. But at least you know that you have to wear sunblock regardless of where you are.

The Australian continent is massive

Forget what you have seen on the map. The map of the world is quite deceiving, and the size of Australia is far larger than it is represented on paper. It takes more than 5 hours to fly from Perth to Brisbane and about three days if you drive. So if you want to visit several sites of interest, make sure to have a lot of time. A long holiday in Australia is the only way you are going to see and cover all those items on your wish list.

Beware of exotic creatures

Australia is the home of lots of animals and plants. Some of them are exclusive, and you may not find them anywhere else in the world. So, if you happen to see a crawling creature, don't be too surprised. Not all these creatures are dangerous. Plus, you should not expect to see koalas and kangaroos running around the streets as the cities have developed fast, and animals have moved upcountry.

Cigarettes are not a cool culture

The Australian government has put lots of legislation and measures to enforce public health. So, if you like smoking, then you should be ready to pay for your expensive hobby. One packet of cigarettes typically goes for around $40 as per the law, and it has some gruesome pictures.

Going offline is no surprise

Internet connection in Australia can be slow and costly. If you like being always on-the-go, make sure to carry your hotspot to avoid any inconveniences.

Drivers keep left here

When driving in Australia, you can use public transport; but, driving is the most popular way to get your destination. The rule is to keep left. So when you are crossing roads, you may need to look on both sides of the highway before you make that move.

Here, rugby and AFL rule!

If you come from London, Where football is everyone's craze, you will have to adapt to AFL and rugby. If there's a game during your stay, make sure to catch one by purchasing tickets or watching on TV for a few bottles.

Take caution when swimming

It seems that animals love Australia and their marine life is quite diverse. So if you do not want to get in a direct confrontation with the sharks, make sure to stay away from the water. But the good thing is that you can still see him as long as you follow the beach instructions. In most cases, you are advised to swim between the flags, which offer demarcation in the shark-infested area. Also, it would help if you never went swimming alone.

Respect the natives

English was not the original language in Australia. The land belongs to the Torres Strait islanders and aboriginal people. Make sure to respect the traditional owners verbally whenever you meet them. It's an Australian tradition to pay respect to the natives during events and meetings as well as major ceremonies.

Mind your packing

The Australia immigration department is usually stringent. You cannot just bring everything you have, and they will specifically not want you to have illegal staff like drugs. In case you are on medication, make sure to have a formal declaration from your doctor.

Triple zero is the emergency number

If you're in any danger, make sure to call 000. Fire police and ambulance department will be waiting for you on the other end.

Rent is paid per week

Don't be so excited yet after finding a seven-bedroom house that has a pool and an outdoor kitchen that faces directly to the white sand beach going for $800. In the northwestern world, rentals are usually listed per month. But in Australia, it's per week, and the people pay their rent weekly.

No need to tip

The minimum wage is quite higher in Australia than it is in America. Therefore, you may not need to pay extra or to tip your attendant.

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