If you have ever been to Italy, then you already know that it is a country inhabited by a population who love their culture. But if you have never been to Tuscany, you'll find several reasons why it's worth a visit. This region is home to the Renaissance movement; there are plenty of artifacts, famous landmarks, historical buildings and sights which mirror the relationship between Tuscany and the Renaissance. Other attractions include the Apennine Mountains as well as picturesque landscapes. Fantastic artistic treasures will also greet you. And do I have to remind you that Tuscany is the home of Leonardo da Vinci and Galileo Galilei?

If you have ever watched the movie Under the Tuscan Sun, then you will understand why Diane Lane finds it important to buy a villa in Tuscany. While she hopes to change her life, she actually falls in love with the food, landscapes and culture of Italy, to the extent that they become the real attractions in the movie. This story is one that we can articulately identify ourselves with because moving to Tuscany is everyone's wish. And even if you don't have any plans to move there, then you can always visit the many cities and towns in the region; we can guarantee you will experience some of Italy's best and most beautiful elements.

Visit The Tuscany Iconic Landscapes

 The quintessential Italian landscapes everyone tends to imagine is actually the Tuscan landscape. So, for anyone who is dreaming of rolling hills, sunflower fields, vineyards, and fields of crops, you are most probably fantasising about Tuscany.

The region is scattered with charming towns and villages, small hamlets, farmhouses, churches, and cypress lined country roads. Most towns sit on hilltops, offering magical views (note to self: carry camera always!)  In case you didn't know, the Chianti region in Tuscany — located between Siena and Florence — is spoilt for unforgettable views, especially during the summer or spring.

The Artistic Tuscany

Tuscany is the place where the Italian Renaissance started. It is here you'll find dozens of museums and valuable art-themed with the Italian and European cultures. Do not miss out the drawings, architecture, as well as paintings. At the forefront, you will find the Uffizi in Florence, one of the most respected museums in the world which originally was built as an administrative and judicial office. It goes without saying, many galleries and museums are flooded with masterpieces by great artists including Michelangelo and Botticelli.

The Leaning Tower Of Pisa

If you love architecture, then you will want to visit one of Italy's most popular towers. Pisa is among the most visited place in Italy and Tuscany. You will be able to see people posing as if to hold the tower that seems to be leaning to one side. It's as fun to watch, as to ponder.

The welcoming people

Of course, you want to discover the culture of the Tuscans, and you should gain the confidence to move right forward! Tuscans are widely known for their welcoming nature. The terrain is beautiful; their food is great and the architecture is a masterpiece. And, to top it up, the locals are ready to welcome you and give you a chance to experience their country and culture.

Siena And Hilltop Towns

Siena, Italy's idyllic destination, is one of the best architectural destinations you can find. Majority of the streets are pedestrian, therefore free from cars, and all you see are families, friends and couples walking and admiring the beauty of the city. Make sure to catch an evening sunset from Piazza del Campo?

Italian Cuisine

Whenever you visit a country, region or town, it is almost in the constitution that you try out their food.  Italian cuisine is known all over the world for its taste and aroma. And the heart of all this cuisine is Tuscany. In fact, we find nearly every dish we want to taste in Italy, originates from Tuscany. 

Tuscany Villa Accommodation

When in Tuscany, it goes without saying that you should want to sleep in a beautiful accommodation, wherein to create lasting memories. Among the best options is to rent a private villa and lavish in a fully staffed and catered experience. Here everything is dealt with; you live like a king and have everything taken care of by professionals. This goes for anything; whether it's a villa for 6 guests or 26 guests. And with your own private swimming pool, you’re bound to relax. At Tuscany Now & More, every villa is carefully handpicked and selected to ensure the best experience for travellers. When you visit the website, you are greeted with a selection of villa destinations and collections; be it Florence or Siena, a villa with a large swimming pool or a farmhouse villa, no request is too big or too small. 

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