Monday 25th March

We left our couchsurfing host's place relatively early in order to catch our ferry from Montevideo across the Río Plata to Buenos Aires. We had a smooth and uneventful journey, and upon arriving, walked to the apartment in San Telmo we had arranged to rent and checked in.

After unpacking and settling in a little, we went out to meet some Dutch girls we had originally met on the way in to Chile seven weeks before. With them, we went out for dinner at a traditional Porteño restaurant, and after some arguing with the waiter because of an unfortunate misunderstanding about the bill, we left not feeling too great about the experience. Zab and I then headed home, as the stomach ache I'd had on and off for a few hours got worse.

chicken and chips, essentially
chicken and chips, essentially

Tuesday 26th March

After a night of very little sleep due to my stomach ache (which had become increasingly worse during the night), I did very little other than nap and read my book in a effort to get better.

For lunch, we had arranged to meet a former colleague of mine, which we did, though I didn't eat anything. This proved to perhaps be a mistake, as on leaving the restaurant, I couldn't walk down the street and we had to take a taxi the three blocks back to our apartment.

Wednesday 27th March

Still being ill meant another day of doing very little. Zab continued to kindly bring me things, and generally acted as my manservant. We did manage a trip round the corner to a few shops to buy some essentials and I even ate some food.

Thursday 28th March

Yet another day ill, though significantly better, meant not much. A few important errands were run (buying a few more things at the supermarket, collecting our washed clothes), and an visit to a local gay café where Zab gratefully received a recommendation for a hairdresser.

Back at the flat, I met some of the neighbours, one very friendly, and one a bit of a douchebag who proceeded to play music loudly and talk and laugh obnoxiously with friends on the roof terrace until after midnight. This upset me rather a lot (at the best of times I'm very noise sensitive, but being ill exacerbated the problem somewhat), so after some crying, we watched more Battlestar Galactica to lighten the mood.

Friday 29th March

My body still hating me (again, less than the day before), I tried to do some work in the morning, before a light lunch at home. In the afternoon, Zab took us on a rather ambitious walk down to Puerto Madero, which was lovely despite the waves of stomach pain I was experiencing. We sat for a while in a very busy café overlooking the canal then came home for an early night.

Puerto Mader looks suspiciously like London's docklands
Puerto Madero looks suspiciously like London's docklands

Saturday 30th March

Mostly the same as the previous days. In the evening, I had a Skype interview with Chris from the Amateur Traveler for his podcast, which went alright. Hopefully, his editor can make me sounds coherent.

Sunday 31st March

The day was mostly spent moving the blog over to WordPress, with a quick outing to a café in the afternoon.

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