Monday 8th April

In an attempt to mix things up and become more productive, we went out in the morning to work in our local Starbucks, taking advantage of the free wifi and the staff who don't care how long you sit on one cup of coffee (or in my case, chai latte). The change of scenery proved quite conducive to our efforts, and we both felt we'd been more productive than the whole previous week.

In the afternoon, I tried to go out for a run in the nature reserve, but found the gates closed. Instead, I mostly walked around the canal, occasionally breaking in to a jog. In the evening, we ate at home and watched Battlestar Galactica again.

Tuesday 9th April

We tried a different Starbucks in the morning to work then came home for lunch. In the afternoon we attempted to go shopping for Zab, but were unable to find what he wanted. We wandered back home, along the canal yet again and spent the evening researching things to do for the rest of our stay and some more work.

the Obelisco, Buenos Aires' most recognizable monument
the Obelisco, Buenos Aires' most recognizable monument

Wednesday 10th April

Taking the bus across the city in morning rush hour to try out a different work place didn't seem like a great idea when it took us just over an hour to get there. At least, I guess, we got a taste for what commuting in Buenos Aires is like!

After brunch and work, we went for a walk through the beautifully manicured rose garden in Palermo to the Museum of Plastic Arts, which, disappointingly, was in the middle of a rehanging. Instead, we walked down busy Avenida Libertador to the Museum of Decorative Arts, housed in an old aristocratic family with rooms of styles as diverse as medieval gothic, art deco and classical roman. It felt like we were back in Europe.

Sam lounging in Palermo's rose garden
Sam lounging in Palermo's rose garden

Thursday 11th April

I decided to take today off from work and have a virtual Sunday, in no small part because the internet in our apartment wasn't working. Zab, however, was determined to get some work done, so he went out to our local Starbucks while I got a haircut, went to the market for vegetables, cooked and lazed around a bit.

Friday 12th April

Starbucks again in the morning, as the internet in our flat continued not to work. After some food shopping, we then came home for lunch, a short rest and then were out again to La Boca, one of Buenos Aires' poorest neighbourhoods. There, we visited a very nice gallery of Argentinian artists, and had lovely views over the city from the rooftop terrace.

Zab pondering the "Fire of La Boca"
Zab pondering the “Fire of La Boca”

Saturday 13th April

We had a lazy morning, then went out to meet my former colleague and ended up going to the cinema and paying less than £1 to see The Master. Interesting, but very weird. With her and a friend, we then went to a little vegetarian café, but the kitchen was closed, so we had slightly disappointing muffins. On the way home, we bought an entire chocolate cake.

Sunday 14th April

No internet at home meant Starbucks again. We stayed till lunch time, then took the subte out to Belgrano, a neighbourhood of Buenos Aires we hadn't visited before and wandered briefly around the very busy food market. We then escaped to a lovely little museum of sculpture with a very pleasant garden. A café break followed soon after, then we headed home for a bit more work, BSG and an early night.

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