Monday 15th April

I ran some errands while Zab worked at home, then after lunch, we took a bus out to Caballito where I met a friend of a friend to talk phonetics. We then tried to visit the science museum, but it was close to closing time and we were flagging, so instead we sat in a café and I had dulce de leche filled churros. Yum yum.

Tuesday 16th April

Work in the morning (at home for a change, as we have working wifi…for now), then we went out to Caballito again by bus and wandered the pleasantly tree-lined streets of the mostly residential neighbourhood before stopping in for our obligatory café break. We then made it to the science museum with enough time before closing and saw lots of dead things (mostly skeletal or stuffed). I then went to meet another friend of a friend, and Zab came home.

a stuffed(?) armadillo at the natural science museum
a stuffed(?) armadillo at the natural science museum

Wednesday 17th April

I had a meeting in the morning, so Zab stayed at home working while I went out. We lunched together back at home then ran some errands (most importantly, buying a whole cake again). In the evening, I cooked, and a friend came over for a pleasant, relaxed dinner.

Thursday 18th April

We both had a lie in, breakfasted, cleaned up from the previous day and worked in no rush in the morning. We then headed out early in the afternoon to Belgrano again to visit a couple of museums we'd missed on our visit there last week. Naturally, a café break served as an intermission and then we wandered through the Barrio Chino (essentially Chinatown) and bought a few things we'd been unable to find elsewhere (coconut milk!) before a long walk and bus ride home.

the Chinese gate in Belgrano
the Chinese gate in Belgrano

Friday 19th April

The internet down in our apartment, we resorted to Starbucks for a morning of work. Then we came home for lunch and I went out to meet more friends of phonetics friends in the afternoon. Later, we went out for dinner for the first time this month, at what turned out to be an average Mexican restaurant in Palermo.

Saturday 20th April

A slow morning of running errands was followed by a trip out to Recoleta for another meeting and then work in a café over lunch. We then visited the fine arts museum, which was pleasant enough and finally got to see the famous Flower. We then walked home along the canal in Puerto Madero.

Floralis Genérica in Recoleta
Floralis Genérica in Recoleta

Sunday 21st April

A lazy day made for an unexciting diary entry, but was much needed and appreciated by both of us. A smattering of work, some book reading and podcast listening, lots of eating and of course an outing to a café!

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