Monday 22nd April

No internet (again) meant Starbucks for a work morning followed by a rushed lunch at home, and then another meeting in Caballito. Zab then had a doctor's appointment to sort out a problem he's been having with his ears (which was nothing serious and easily fixed). We then tried to buy train tickets at the main station for our northbound journey once we leave the big city, but were surprised to find they're sold out for four weeks! We walked home along the canal and stopped in to a new café for an evening snack as neither of us had the energy to cook.

Tuesday 23rd April

A day at home, involving a lovely Skype chat with my grandmother on her birthday, a friend over for lunch and some planning of our travels for once we leave Buenos Aires. We also bought an entire cake and ate almost half of it.

in Palermo's rose garden
in Palermo's rose garden


Wednesday 24th April

I had a meeting in Palermo in the morning, so we took the subte out there and Zab went window shopping while waiting for me. We then met for lunch at la Esquina de las Flores, which was expectedly delicious. We then moseyed through the rose gardens to Eduardo Sívori museum and looked at some nice art. We naturally had to stop in the café for cake before heading home.

Thursday 25th April

More meetings for me, one in the morning, another in the afternoon. Zab met me in between and worked in a cafe during the second, then we took a long walk through town towards the bus station to gather more information for our options for leaving Buenos Aires.

Plaza San Martín
Plaza San Martín

Friday 26th April

After a rushed morning of work and then lunch, I dashed out for another meeting in the afternoon, and Zab came to meet me afterwards when we hung about trendy Palermo Soho, flitting from a café to our favourite restaurant to celebrate our 100 days of travel!

Saturday 27th April

I was picked up by a former student in his car and driven to a university where I'd volunteered to give an informal phonetics lecture while Zab stayed at home and worked. It was fun for me, and a great ego boost having a room full of 60-odd people hang on my every word! I then took a bus over to another former student's place where Zab met me, and we were joined by several teachers for a lovely afternoon of cake and tea. On the way home, we finally bought our bus tickets to Córdoba for when we leave Buenos Aires next week.

University of Buenos Aires
University of Buenos Aires

Sunday 28th April

A much needed lazy morning was followed by a little work and then meeting a friend of mine for a late afternoon snack. In the evening, Zab got ready for his overnight trip to Uruguay the following day.

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