Monday 29th April

Zab got up before sunrise to catch his ferry to Uruguay where he would be spending a night in order to get a few things he couldn't get in Buenos Aires. I went back to sleep after he left, then got up a few hours later and rushed to a meeting I had in Caballito. I then ended up having a quick lunch in Starbucks over another meeting and then meeting a friend for tea and cake round the corner.

Tuesday 30th April

I slept late, then ran a few errands before an early lunch and then went out for a meeting at the university. It almost feels like I'm a student again! In the evening, I came home just as Zab was arriving and we sat in bed before an early night.

Wednesday 1st May

I had my final meeting in Buenos Aires while Zab sat in a café round the corner in Palermo. We then walked over to the Japanese Garden, which while pleasant, was a little overpriced and crowded (since it was a public holiday). We then came home to meet a friend who gave us a lesson in drinking mate and gifted us our very own!

Buenos Aires' Japanese garden
Buenos Aires' Japanese garden

Thursday 2nd May

A visit to the laundrette after breakfast was followed by a short work session in Starbucks, a dash home then out again to a friend's place for a tasty Middle Eastern style lunch in her beautiful apartment. We then went out to Palermo to say goodbye to two other friends and attempted to buy some bamboo socks, but were looked at as though we'd asked for Martian honey. We ate a simple dinner of tacos at a Mexican place and came home to pack.

Friday 3rd May

We worked in our apartment in the morning, making the most of the functioning wifi, had a quick lunch then packed up. We left in the early afternoon and made our way to the bus station as we'd heard there was a driver's strike and couldn't get reliable information anywhere and wanted to see if we'd be able to get our overnight bus that evening. Nothing was forthcoming at the station so we went to one final art gallery in La Boca in the rain, then back to the station a few hours later. Still nothing. We ended up taking a friend up on his offer to stay at his place for the night. He kindly picked us up and we ate a pleasant dinner with his mother before bed.

some street art in San Telmo, round the corner from our apartment
some street art in San Telmo, round the corner from our apartment

Saturday 4th May

My friend dropped us off in the centre of town early in the morning and we went once again to the bus station. Still no buses. We worked over breakfast in a nice café then returned to the bus station to be reliably informed that there would definitely be no buses until Monday afternoon at the earliest. We sat around debating different possibilities for a while before deciding to go to the domestic airport and see what a flight would cost. Within ten minutes of walking in to the airport, we had tickets for the next flight to Córdoba two hours later. Upon landing, we took a local bus to our couchsurfer's place, where we sat around chatting and ate before going out to meet a friend of a friend of his for a small birthday celebration. We got home not too late and crashed hard.

Sunday 5th May

After a much needed lie in, we breakfasted and then had a pleasant stroll around the old town with our host until lunch time. We then relaxed and worked at home in the afternoon before cooking and going out to the lovely night market full of beautiful, hand-made things.

Plaza Marqués de Sobremonte
Plaza Marqués de Sobremonte

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