Monday 6th May

We spent the morning working while our couchsurfing host went out to a yoga class. We then left his place for another couchsurfer, Fernando, in Córdoba who'd offered to host us and chatted over lunch in his flat. We then went out for Zab to get his hair cut at a place which looked more like a nightclub than a hairdresser and wandered around the centre for a bit and sat in a café. At Fernando's place, I cooked and we stayed up late, chatting, and didn't end up getting much sleep because of a street party celebrating a win of some football match or other that went on till 5am.

us with Fernando, our second couchsurfing host in Córdoba
us with Fernando, our second couchsurfing host in Córdoba

Tuesday 7th May

We got up late, breakfasted with Fernando and said goodbye before quickly shoveling some empanadas into our mouths and getting a bus to Capilla del Monte. We checked in to our hotel and worked in our room before going out for a walk and a nice vegetarian dinner.

Wednesday 8th May

Work in the morning, then we went for a nice walk out of town to a reservoir. We had a good, cheap lunch back in town then had a rest back in our room and worked some more.

walking outside Capilla del Monte
walking outside Capilla del Monte

Thursday 9th May

More work in the morning, then another lunch at the same place as the day before and then we caught a bus down through the Punilla valley to Villa Carlos Paz, on Lago San Roque. The town was much bigger than we had expected, and not as picturesque, but we enjoyed a brief walk along the coast of the lake and then an early night.

Friday 10th May

A late start was followed by an attempt to take the a chairlift up to the top of a hill for views over the lake, but it was closed for maintenance. Instead we had a nice all-you-can-eat lunch in a petrol station restaurant. It was nicer than it sounds! We then picked up our bags and caught the bus back to Córdoba and met a friend for drinks.

Saturday 11th May

We had a long lie in in our apartment we'd found at the last minute and got a good deal on the day before. We then headed out to do a few chores and have lunch and spent the afternoon working, when I discovered that our Facebook page had reached 100 ‘likes', which was terribly exciting!

Córdoba has some cool street art too!
Córdoba has some cool street art too!

Sunday 12th May

We were lucky that we didn't have to check out of our apartment until the evening, which worked nicely as we had an overnight bus booked. We decided we deserved a lazy day, and took advantage of the big screen television in order to catch up on our neglected watchings of Battlestar Galactica. We eventually packed up, ate something and made our way to the station for our bus to Tucumán.

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