Monday 3rd June

We woke up relatively early and enjoyed our hotel's wonderful breakfast, then worked for a while before going out to run some errands and meet a friend for lunch. Afterwards, I was feeling pretty tired (I think I'm getting a sore throat) so I went back home and had a nap while Zab and Karin went wandering around a market on the outskirts of town but didn't buy anything. In the afternoon, we went to book flights to leave Sucre for Santa Cruz de la Sierra next week, then ate a cheap but tasty and filling dinner while playing scrabble at a place where all profits go to charity.

a typical Sucre street scene
a typical Sucre street scene

Tuesday 4th June

Over breakfast we got chatting to a group of British girls, who we later ended up going out for lunch with after a smattering of work. I then had a Skype date with a friend, and Zab worked before we went out to meet another friend for coffee. A simple dinner at the same places as the day before and then more work in the evening.

Wednesday 5th June

Mostly a work day, at least for Zab. He spent time using my laptop, which meant I wasn't able to do much, which was a little frustrating. However, we went out for lunch with Karin, then did some travel planning and worked some more. In the evening, we went out with the group of British girls from our hostel for cake.

Thursday 6th June

Zab woke up feeling ill, and after nibbling his breakfast, spent most of the rest of the day in bed. I alternated between working a bit and looking after him.

Plaza 25 de Mayo in Sucre
Plaza 25 de Mayo in Sucre

Friday 7th June

The day started with a few chores (getting Zab's hair cut, extending our Bolivian visas), then went to meet Karin who cooked us lunch. In the afternoon we wandered around town a bit and then spent the evening working.

Saturday 8th June

Work in the morning and then a final lunch with Karin and some other new friends before they departed for La Paz. In the afternoon, we tried to continue working, and while Zab got stuff done, I just felt I wasn't getting anywhere. In the evening, we ate a little bit too much at an Italian restaurant in someone's living room with a nice girl from our hostel.

a church in Sucre
a church in Sucre

Sunday 9th June

The event of the day was a massage we'd arranged a few days before, but this was not until I had stressed unnecessarily about work and got very little done, apart from skyping a friend in Austria, which was lovely. The massage relaxed me somewhat, and I spent some time sitting in a café reading a book on my own for a while afterwards while Zab had his. I think I really needed that.

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