Monday 10th June

The morning was written off by me over-stressing, though we managed to get Zab's sunglasses fixed and top up our mobile phone. For lunch, we went up to a hill overlooking the city and were joined by a friend from our hostel. Together, we then went to visit a former convent, now girls school in town, which also had nice views over the city.

San Felipe Neri, a former monastery, now girls' school
San Felipe Neri, a former monastery, now girls' school

Tuesday 11th June

We rushed to the airport to catch our flight to Santa Cruz only to discover that it was delayed by two hours. If there were any, this would've been a good time to know about airline delay compensation. We used the time to do a little work in a café, and then spent the 25 minute flight watching the landscape change from sharp, dramatic peaks to rainforest covered rolling hills.  Once we'd checked in to our hotel and eaten a basic lunch, the hunt for an apartment began. We ended up seeing just one place in the evening, which we liked, but renting for just a month seemed rather complicated.

Wednesday 12th June

We worked at the hotel in the morning, then after lunch went out to see another apartment, which was just awful, so we consoled ourselves with an ice-cream sundae in a café near the main square.

Plaza 24 de Septiembre, Santa Cruz
Plaza 24 de Septiembre, Santa Cruz

Thursday 13th June

We managed to find an agent who showed us a very new, and as-yet unfurnished, apartment, which we liked well enough, and decided to take. We then had a nice vegetarian lunch and worked back in the hotel before meeting a friend in the evening for surprisingly good Japanese food.

Friday 14th June

Having some second thoughts about the agreement we'd come to with the estate agent the day before, we went to see her in the morning, and after a long discussion, decided not to take the apartment we'd seen. We then went for a nice lunch and then sat in the square for a bit before coming back to our hotel to work. In the evening, we met up with a local couchsurfer and chatted about Bolivian history, the differences between Latin and north European lovers, and travel.

Saturday 15th June

The morning was wasted by stressing about apartments and travel plans, though lunch provided some relief. In the afternoon, we had a bit of a crisis, wondering if we'd made a mistake, again. We pulled it together, though and went to a café later on, made some decisions and relaxed.

Santa Cruz cathedral
Santa Cruz cathedral

Sunday 16th June

Having decided we would not try to find an apartment in Santa Cruz, we got up late and did a spot of work in the morning, followed by lunch near the main square. The afternoon was mostly filled with lounging around and not much else, which felt rather necessary after the stress of the previous few days.

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