Monday 24th June

Zab worked while I had a Skype interview in the morning. We then checked out of our hostel, lingered over lunch, caught the bus to the local airport and our flight to La Paz via Cochabamba. A short and painless taxi ride later, we were at the friend of a friend's house where we were staying, and crashed.

Tuesday 25th June

Zab woke up not feeling too great, so we took it slow and went out for breakfast. In the afternoon, I went out for a walk on my own and bought stuff for a light dinner at the supermarket. It felt like ages since I'd cooked, but I managed to make something edible.

La Paz
La Paz

Wednesday 26th June

Work, lunch, a stroll through the old part of La Paz, more work. Nothing exciting.

Thursday 27th June

We were up and out by 9.30am and walked, breathlessly, to the centre of La Paz to see a few museums. For lunch, we went to a slightly disappointing Indian restaurant, then went home to rest. In the afternoon, Zab worked, and I explored a little more.

Friday 28th June

We got up at sunrise to pack and catch our bus to Copacabana on Lake Titicaca. The journey went smoothly, provided some stunning scenery and the reveal of the lake was quite impressive. Upon arriving and checking in to our hostel, we went out for lunch then surveyed our options for tours the following day. In the late afternoon, I walked up to a mirador to see the sunset while Zab rested and worked.

Saturday 29th June

I made breakfast (a novelty, lately), and we went for a walk through town before a café stop and then lunch. Directly after that, we caught the boat we'd booked to Isla del Sol, the largest island in Lake Titicaca. Once there, we were guided up a steep hill, were shown various Inca ruins and admired the panoramic views of the lake and snow-capped mountains in the distance.

view from Isla del Sol of Isla de la Luna
view from Isla del Sol of Isla de la Luna

Sunday 30th June

We climbed a hill on the edge of town to see a supposed Inca astronomical observatory and the views of the town and lake. After lunch, we rested and attempted at working in a café with painfully slow internet. For sunset, we went up to another mirador and enjoyed the colours of the sky and lake as the day ended.

view of Copacabana from Hora del Inca
view of Copacabana from Horca del Inca

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