Monday 8th July

In the morning, our landlord came round to move some of her stuff out of the apartment in Arequipa and drop of some bits that had been missing, which meant we didn't get much work done. Then the electricity cut out, which meant even less got done. After lunch, we went out to a part of town we hadn't visited before, and sat in a café before going to seemingly the only supermarket in the city to stock up on supplies.

Tuesday 9th July

Work at home in the morning, followed by the usual café outing in the afternoon. In the evening, we survived our first (and very minor) South American earthquake. It lasted for about 2 seconds. I was briefly terrified.

Plaza de Armas, ARequipa
Plaza de Armas, Arequipa

Wednesday 10th July

Again, work in the morning (trying hard to ignore the neighbours' bass-tastic music). We then had a friend over for lunch and went out to run some errands in town, and of course, stopped by a café.

Thursday 11th July

Zab spent the whole day in plowing through his work. I broke after lunch and had to go outside, even just to buy cake.

Friday 12th July

To mix things up a little (and to escape the noisy neighbours) we went out to a café in town to work in the morning, and then ate lunch out. On the way back home, Zab got a haircut.

a common view of the ever-present Volcán Misti
a common view of the ever-present Volcán Misti

Saturday 13th July

Again, we worked in the same café as the day before in the morning, leaving having felt we'd achieved rather a lot. We then snacked on Turkish style things and headed home for a rest before meeting a friend in the evening and going out to our first club in months.

Sunday 14th July

Even though we went to bed after 3am the night before, we were up, dressed, breakfasted and out of the flat by 10am, caught the bus into town and treated ourselves to a decadent brunch after stumbling across what we guessed was a rehearsal for the independence day celebrations. We then moved to our new favourite café for wifi and a spot of work before coming home to rest.

a sneak peak at the festivities for Peruvian Independence Day on 28th July
a sneak peak at the festivities for Peruvian Independence Day on 28th July

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