Monday 15th July

Work in the morning at home, followed by an outing to a mirador for views of the volcano, but it was unusually cloudy. A café break was then in order before some food shopping.

Zab at Yanahuara Mirador
Zab at Yanahuara Mirador

Tuesday 16th July

A day of work. Boring.

Wednesday 17th July

Another work morning, followed by an outing into town to run some errands and of course a café, if only for more work. In the evening, we met a friend who came over and we cooked together then watched a Un Jour D'été on my laptop. Listening to the film in French, reading the subtitles in English and talking to our friend in Spanish may have melted my brain a little.

Thursday 18th July

Yet more work in the morning, interrupted only by a friend coming over to do some yoga and staying for lunch. Work, work and more work featured in the afternoon and evening.

a colourful window in Arequipa's old town
a colourful window in Arequipa's old town

Friday 19th July

Surprise: another work day, this time at home in the morning, then out for lunch and more work in the café that is fast becoming our second home.

Saturday 20th July

Breakfast, work and lunch at home, then in the afternoon, we skyped Zab's family and dashed out to a new café in the afternoon and took the rest of the day off from work.

in a courtyard café in Arequipa's old town
in a courtyard café in Arequipa's old town

Sunday 21st July

Sunday has become our treat day (mostly as an excuse to get out of the flat and avoid the worst of the noise the neighbours make), so we went out for brunch, worked a little, then migrated to our favourite café.

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