Monday 22nd July

Work in the morning, lunch at home and our usual café. Later, we met our friend, Jair for dinner in town.

Tuesday 23rd July

The usual of work in the morning, lunch at home then an outing to a shopping mall to find out if buying Zab a laptop in Peru would be financially wise. The answer was no. We then installed ourselves in our second home, and later met Jair who came back to our place and cooked us dinner.

what Jair cooked us
what Jair cooked us

Wednesday 24th July

The same as usual, but with a quick visit to the Alliance Française in the afternoon to see a photography exhibition and the added fun of window shopping in the mall followed by food shopping at the supermarket in the evening.

Thursday 25th & Friday 26th July

Two more regular days: work, lunch, café, home. Plus I had an eye examination on Thursday, which was an interesting test of my Spanish.

a statue of some dude at sunset
a statue of some dude with a gun at sunset

Saturday 27th July

We relaxed at home, then after lunch went into town to have a lazy, work-free afternoon in a café.

Sunday 28th July

As has become our custom, we went out for brunch at Crepisimo, and I popped out to the not terribly interesting Municipal Museum while Zab skyped his family. We then walked over to a mirador, before plonking ourselves in a different café and had a work-related brainstorming session. We tried again, and failed, to find me a hat in a shopping mall, then returned to the centre of town and sat in Starbucks for a while before Mexican for dinner.

another view of Volcán Misti, this time with added river!
another view of Volcán Misti, this time with added river!

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