Monday 19th August

We packed up our things in our adequate hostel in Paracas and, after saying goodbye to our lovely hosts, caught a bus up to Lima. The ride was smooth, but our stomachs were still giving us grief, making it a little uncomfortable. Fortunately, when we arrived, we were able to move straight in to our apartment, and after a rest we went food shopping then watched The Hobbit in bed.


Tuesday 20th & Wednesday 21st August

Still feeling rough, we barely left the flat, except to get cash and/or energy drinks. Otherwise, we just pottered around and sorting our stuff out and feeling sorry for ourselves.

Thursday 22nd & Friday 23rd August

On Thursday morning we did nothing much more than continue to feel ill, and in the afternoon managed to make a last minute doctor's appointment. We left feeling better for knowing what was likely wrong with us (dysentery) and armed with prescriptions. Friday, we felt better still and even managed going out to our first café in Lima!


Saturday 24th August

The main excitement of the day was visiting the weekly organic market in the park across the street from us. We wanted to buy and eat everything, though we limited ourselves to buying only things that would last as we still couldn't eat most of what was on offer due to our dietary restrictions. In the afternoon, we tried walking to another part of town for a shop, but only made it as far as a Starbucks and had tea.


Sunday 25th August

Feeling almost normal again, we worked in the morning, then went out to a contemporary art gallery before lunching on falafel. Later, after some more work, we rewarded ourselves with churros.

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