Monday 26th August

Having almost completely gotten over the illness of last week, we ate a proper breakfast and worked in the morning before going out in the afternoon to a café and meeting a friend.


Tuesday 27th August

Work, café, work. In the evening, Zab made me watch Kinky Boots, which I rather enjoyed.

Wednesday 28th & Thursday 29th August

On Wednesday we worked in the morning, followed by a visit to a friend's salon to get a haircut. We then went to go to a museum, but it was closed, so instead ended up in a café and then indulging in some mindless consumerism at a shopping centre to get me a new iPod case. Thursday was just work.

Friday 30th August

A short morning of work, before we popped out to try a new café, then visited a pre Inca ruin in the middle of the city, where we were lead around on an obligatory tour which turned out to be rather interesting. We then searched around for a place for lunch that was open and didn't have a waiting time of half an hour (it was a public holiday and we'd forgotten), ate and then went home to work some more.


Saturday 31st August

I went alone to do the shopping at the organic market and then supermarket in the morning, then Zab went out to a café on his own in the afternoon to work.

Sunday 1st September

We ventured further from our apartment than we'd been since arriving in Lima by taking the Metropolitano (a system set up like a metro, but run on buses) to the downtown area, checking out the main square and then installing ourselves in a Starbucks for an hour. After that, we headed over to MALI where we learned about and enjoyed some 20th century Peruvian art followed by a snack in their café. Since it was nearby, we then decided to visit the Circuito Mágico de Agua, a park featuring a somewhat tacky collection of fountains and water features before heading home and relaxing.


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