Monday 2nd September

After doing our (delayed) weekly clean of our Lima apartment, we went to the local library to use the free wifi and work for a while before stopping for lunch at an average vegetarian place. The afternoon involved a little more work, some travel planning and of course, a café.

Tuesday 3rd September

We walked down to Barranco in the morning to visit a cute little art gallery then stopped in a café before visiting an eccentric Welsh lady's home/handicrafts shop and then returning home for lunch. In the afternoon, we worked briefly, then a friend came over for coffee.


Wednesday 4th & Thursday 5th September

On Wednesday, I spent the morning on Skype, first with my mother (which was lovely), then with my bank (which made me want to kill something). On Thursday, seemingly having miscalculated when rush-hour would be, we crammed onto the Metropolitano at 10.30am to go to the centre of town and visit a museum after a refuelling stop in a café. The afternoons were just work.


Friday 6th, Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th September

As I started to feel ill again, the days did not constitute much more than sitting at home feeling sorry for myself while Zab fussed over me between work sessions.

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