Monday 9th & Tuesday 10th September

A trip to the doctor's clinic here in Lima was the first order of the day on Monday in order to finally try and sort out what was wrong with my stomach. An appointment, X-ray and some tests later, we had jumped through all the hoops we could manage and left for lunch. In the afternoon we rested, then worked in a cute café. Tuesday was more resting and working, and a different café.

Wednesday 11th September

A morning of work, followed by a café outing and a pleasant conversation with an American couple sitting opposite us. We then went to order me new glasses and Zab went trouser shopping with a friend.

Thursday 12th September

We left for the centre of town in the morning to try and see a few museums, but we either couldn't find them or they were closed, so we ended up in a historical bar for a drink and seeing part of the old city wall. We then ended up in the Peruvian Gastronomy Museum, which was nothing to write home about before coming home for lunch and work in the afternoon.


Friday 13th & Saturday 14th September

In the mornings, I went out to (either to the library to work or to do the food shopping) while Zab stayed at home. After lunch, we went for a walk, visited a museum on Friday and a café on both days.

Sunday 15th September

After breakfast, we took a taxi out to an area of town we hadn't visited before and visited a very nice museum of pre-hispanic miscellanea, where they even had a library you could lounge in the comfy sofas and read up about what you'd seen. I may have napped on said sofas after lunching in their rather fancy restaurant. We then walked towards the Metropolitano, stopping for a quick break in Starbucks, and came home.


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