Monday 16th September

Work at home in the morning, then a flurry of errands (taking Zab to see the doctor again to finally sort out his stomach issues) and treats (donuts!) in the afternoon.

Tuesday 17th September

A café in the morning for a bit of work to mix things up was followed by having friends who we'd made in Bolivia over for lunch. We chatted for hours about our plans for our returns to Europe, attitudes towards homosexuality, tech news, WWII and seemingly everything in between. It was lovely!

Wednesday 18th September

We tried again working in a new café, but the wifi didn't work so we got a bit frustrated and behind. We then visited another art gallery on our list before running some errands and coming home for lunch. In the afternoon a friend came over for coffee and then we ducked out for a late snack and donuts.


Thursday 19th & Friday 20th September

On Thursday brunch and work was followed by attempting to visit a sculpture museum, which turned out to be closed, so we came home for lunch then worked some more. Friday was similar, but the museum visit after lunch was a little more successful, with us being lead around on our own through a maze of rooms containing various dioramas and video displays explaining the history of Lima.

Saturday 21st September

We flaked out for much of the day, dabbling with work now and then, and went out for tea in the late afternoon.

Sunday 22nd September

By the time we got ourselves washed, dressed, out the door and into town, it was time for a café break. We then headed to a museum of natural history, which was slightly underwhelming and mostly full of examples of shoddy taxidermy. From there, we walked to the centre of town and had a light lunch in Starbucks before searching for street art, visiting a small art gallery and ended the day with dinner in Lima's Chinatown.


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