30th September – 6th October

We spent the morning on Monday alternating between work and packing up our apartment of the last six weeks then after a quick lunch, headed over to the airport. Everything went very smoothly, and on arriving in Piura airport we took a taxi to our hotel and then went out for Chinese food.

On Tuesday, we worked a bit in the morning then went for a walk around the town, which in the midday heat wasn't the cleverest idea. We then caught a bus to Máncora by the coast where we bought onward bus tickets to Ecuador and had cake before checking in to our hotel by the beach and having dinner under the stars.


Wednesday's and Thursday's schedules were busy mornings of lying on the beach and in hammocks before going to the centre of Máncora for lunch and wifi. On Thursday evening, we said goodbye to Peru and took the overnight bus to Guayaquil in Ecuador.

Friday morning we arrived in Guayaquil bus station before sunrise and had breakfast in the terminal before taking a taxi to our hostel and waiting around till our room was ready. We then went for lunch and to do some first-day-in-a-new-country chores (get cash, buy a sim card, ) before a much needed nap. In the afternoon we had cake (of course) and discovered a park full of iguanas.


On Saturday we went to a small museum about the history of Guayaquil after a morning of work. Then after Chinese for lunch, we chatted to some fellow hostel guests and went out for a walk and stopped for cake.

Late Sunday morning, we made the questionable decision to walk up to a lighthouse on a hill in the midday heat. We managed, but came back very sweaty. Later we worked in a café, then went to the cinema in the evening to see Elysium.

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