Seeing as humans typically spend a third of their lives in bed, carefully considering buying a new bed is an important task. Thinking about a few things beforehand will help you narrow down your choices and make it an easier decision to make.


Before you consider anything else, think about where exactly the bed will be in your room. If you need a bed that will fit flush against a wall because of space restrictions, then you will probably want one without a headboard. If, on the other hand, the head of the bed will serve as a divider in the room, you may wish to go for something with a more elaborate headboard section.


How many people will be sleeping in the bed, and how much space do they each need? Of course, you may again be limited by the space of your room, but if you have room to play with, consider these things carefully before buying a new bed. If you are thinking of getting a queen sized bed, it may actually make more sense and be more economical to buy two single mattresses and cover them with a topper. Another benefit of this is that the two people sleeping on either side of the bed will not feel the other moving so much, as they will essentially be sleeping on separate surfaces while still sharing a bed.


Is it important for you to be able to easily get into your bed without having to climb down into it? If so, buying a frame that allows for the mattress to be relatively high will be a priority. On the other hand, perhaps you’d prefer not to have the bed dominate the room, and so having a very low bed will create an illusion of space.


Often considered the most important aspect of a bed, choosing what kind of firmness you need can be rather complicated, as it’s not easy to tell what kind of mattress will be comfortable in the long term by laying on it for just a few minutes in a showroom. Companies that allow you to test your new mattress at home for a trial period can be very useful in this regard. Also, remember that firmness is not only in the mattress, but can be influenced by the type of slats in the bedframe.

Given how much choice there is and how diverse our needs are for sleeping, buying a new bed can be a daunting task. Considering the location your new bed will occupy, how much width you need, what height is important for you and the best level of firmness for you will help eliminate beds that do not match your criteria. In the end, this will make the whole process a lot easier.