IMPORTANT: This competition is only open to UK residents, and you must have a Twitter account to take part.

While there aren’t really that many places in the USA that I’m dying to visit, New York is definitely one place I'd love to get to know. Sure, I realise it’s a country with many beautiful and unique landscapes, but there are just so many other places that always seem to come higher up the list. New York, however, is different. It’s somewhere that’s been on that list for a long time, but always slightly out of reach.

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However, now we might have the chance to go there, and more importantly, so do you with this competition from Aer Lingus.

If you fly to New York with Aer Lingus, they are now offering passengers from Great Britain the ability to pre-clear US customs and boarder protection in Dublin airport, thereby saving you from the endless queues once you land in New York, hence the hashtag #ThruTheQ. And so, they’re running this competition to promote this new service of theirs.

What you can win

By entering this competition, you could win two return flights to New York from 20 UK airports with Aer Lingus via Dublin plus £1000 spending money!

How to enter

  1. Click this link
  2. Choose your favourite blogger (that’s us, right?! We might be at the bottom, so scroll down!)
  3. Answer the question “which airport gets travellers stateside fastest?” (Hint: the answer is Dublin)
  4. Enter your details (don’t forget your Twitter handle!) and submit

You can vote once every 24 hours until the competition closes at 11am on 26th March 2015, and doing so will increase your chances of winning.

Why vote for us

New York may just be both the gay and the vegan capital of the world, and being a gay, vegan couple, who better to send there to explore all the best gay and vegan hangouts?!


Zab and I have both been to New York before, but never together, and only for a few days. I was last there as a teenager with my family during the 2003 Northeastern blackout, so actually wasn’t able to see much at all, and in fact spent most of the time stuck in a hotel room without electricity or water.

If we win this competition, we’ll spend our time in New York seeking out all the alternative gay hangouts, coolest street art and best vegan eats, so when we come back, we'll be armed with tons of great advice on what to do, see and eat in New York for you, our lovely readers!

Good luck, and maybe we’ll see each other in New York!

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