An African safari is truly an experience of a lifetime. However, before you take off for your epic adventure, you will want to make sure that you arm yourself with the information that you need for a successful journey. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you plan your journey through the African safari:

WHAT TO PACK: You will want to bring along a pair of solid binoculars and a quality camera so that you do not miss a minute of the action on this trip of a lifetime. When it comes to clothing, you will want to pack loose-fitting clothing that you can layer for maximum versatility. The temperatures out on the savannah can fluctuate and you need to be prepared for a myriad of weather conditions by bringing along windbreakers and long pants. A sturdy pair of cargo shorts is also a necessary piece of clothing to take along on your safari. A pair of polarized sunglasses and a protective hat will also make your trip more enjoyable. Lastly, be sure to pack along an abundance of sunscreen to protect you from the scorching sun of the savannah.

VACCINES THAT YOU NEED: Do not take off for Africa without taking care to ensure that you are fully protected. There are many diseases found in this part of the world that you need to be cautious about. In addition to receiving a vaccination for yellow fever, you will want to make sure that you are up to date on your hepatitis A and B and typhoid immunizations. Because these vaccinations can take up to several weeks to become fully effective, it is recommended to schedule the immunizations well in advance of your trip. While on your journey, be sure to stay properly hydrated and drink only bottled water. 

WHERE TO GO: Your destination should primarily revolve around the animals that you wish to see while out in the wilderness. Many species are unique to certain regions of the continent, making it imperative that you choose your destination wisely if you have your heart set on catching a look at your favorite animal. The most popular safaris focus on viewing lions, leopards, rhinoceros, elephants, and buffaloes, otherwise known as the famous “big five” animals.

WHERE TO STAY: There are many options when it comes to safari travel. Those that prefer a more rugged experience can choose to stay at a campsite, at a more minimalist lodge, or even in a specially designed treehouse. Those travelers who prefer a more luxurious experience can choose from one of the many premium accommodations options such as upscale campsites or resort hotels.

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