24 Hours in...Paris

24 Hours in…Paris

A friend of mine in Berlin just came back from a trip to Paris and talked about the city with such enthusiasm I hadn’t heard for a long time. You see, Zab and I have visited Paris more times than I can remember between 2005 when we met, and 2009 when we last visited, and I haven’t felt the need to go back since.

Now, I’m starting to question that. Maybe it’s time to return to the City of Lights to see how it, and my relationship to it, has changed.

So, how would I spent 24 hours in Paris? It would heavily revolve around the vegan food, of course. Doing some preliminary research on Happy Cow, it seems there are at least 25 fully vegan restaurants and cafés there, with plenty more vegetarian ones with vegan options. I’d also dip my toes into the contemporary art and gay scenes, but if I’m honest, the day would very likely revolve mostly around food!

So here’s how I’d spend 24 hours in Paris.


10:00 Breakfast

Though it’s definitely not a typical Parisian breakfast, Oatmeal looks like it does a pretty good bowl of vegan oatmeal that would set me up for the rest of the day! The location looks super cosy and inviting: the perfect start to the day!

11:30 Walking and sightseeing

I’d then walk up past the Panthéon, Nôtre-Dame and over the Seine to the Pompidou Centre. I have fond memories of being impressed with the weird architecture of this cool art museum as a teenager, but not much memory of what was inside, so I’d like to spend an hour or so wandering around there.

From there, I’d take the metro north to Montmartre, and climb the steps to the Sacré-Cœur for the views of both the cathedral and over the rest of the city.

14:00 Lunch and shopping

By this time, I’d definitely be ready to eat, so I’d head over to Hank Burger in Le Marais for a hearty vegan burger. From there, I’d wander through the narrow streets of Le Marais and head towards Marriage Frères to peruse their impressive selection of teas and maybe buy some to take home.

16:00 Tour Montparnasse

After a quick hop on the metro over to the second tallest building in Paris, I’d take the lift up to the viewing deck for what is arguably the best view of Paris, since it’s the only place from which you don’t see the ugly tower itself!

17:00 Coffee break

By now, it would most definitely be time to stop for coffee…and more importantly cake! Luckily RawCakes is just around the corner from Tour Montparnasse, so it makes for a convenient stop. I’m not the biggest fan of raw vegan food, but raw vegan cakes are another story, and this place looks really lovely.

18:00 More walking, sightseeing and shopping

From there, I’d take a walk through the nearby Montparnasse Cemetery, on to Jardin de Luxembourg and end up at Shakespeare & Company, a second hand English language bookshop by the Seine, opposite Nôtre-Dame. That’s somewhere I could easily a good hour or two.

20:00 Dinner

Time for more food! I’d then cross the river and the Isle de la Cité and head to Le Grand Appétit, a fully vegan restaurant, for a healthy dinner of macrobiotic food.

22:00 Gay bar

To round off the day, I’d head back over to the gay district, and hang out in a bar for a while. Les Souffleurs looks like an excellent choice, with an eclectic style, hot guys and a mix of DJs to entertain.

I know that’s not quite 24 hours, but after this I’d go to bed because I really like my sleep!

How would you spend 24 hours in Paris?

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