About Us

We are Sam and Zab, a British couple with insatiable wanderlust. In January 2013, after being together for seven and a half years, we flew to Buenos Aires on one-way tickets…and this blog chronicles what happened next.

Sam and Zab on the Salar de Uyuni

Sam and Zab on the Salar de Uyuni

We travel light and slow, and work from our laptops wherever we are.

We aim to give practical advice to other potential long term travellers, inspire you for your two-week holiday, or just appeal to your inner armchair traveller. We seek out great vegan food, digital nomad work places, cool street art and interesting things to do on our travels.

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About Sam

SamSam, a wannabe minimalist, grew up in east London, but didn’t really get to know the city until he attended the University of London as he spent seven years commuting against the rush to go to school in Essex. He was lucky enough to have the opportunity to study three foreign languages at that school as well as travel in the holidays with his family around Europe, North America, Japan and Australia.

He can be a bit entitled, occasionally self-absorbed, and often comes off as a know-it-all, while he’s pretty good at remembering words and names and knowing how to transcribe them in IPA even if they’re in a language he’s never heard before. He aims for minimalism, and is caught in limbo between not caring about how he looks and dresses and being occasionally vain. Some things he likes are lists, collecting postcards, science-fiction, hyperbole, trains, astrophysics, podcasts and maps. Some things he doesn’t like are beer, religion, crowded and noisy places, being told he’s wrong and having his towel changed in a hotel every day.

About Zab


Zab was born on the west coast of Scotland to parents of a confusing mixture of Caribbean, Indian and European origin, and then moved to the south of England at the age of four, leaving him with a lingering sense of Scottishness, though not the accent. As a teenager, he carried his passport in his pocket at all times with the grand idea of being able to hop on a plane somewhere at the last minute to visit some of his international family, should the opportunity suddenly present itself.

He is a serial procrastinator with a tendency to get so absorbed in reading the latest Apple gossip that he forgets to eat. He knows how to kick your ass at making Excel spreadsheets and getting people to do what he wants, perhaps by pretending to be a far superior human than he actually is. When he grows up, he wants to be a Lord and spend obscene amounts of money on shiny new shoes. He hates eating food that’s supposed to be hot when it’s cold but he loves the film, The English Patient, because when he puts it on, you’ll likely go away and leave him in peace.

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