The Best Vegan Brunch Buffets in Berlin

The Best Vegan Brunch Buffets in Berlin

It still amazes me sometimes how easy eating vegan is in Berlin. Looking for vegan Mexican food? Done. Great vegan pizza? Piece of cake. High end gourmet vegan food? Easy peasy. Vegan cafes with wifi? You’d have to actively try avoiding them.

And what about a vegan buffet brunch?

There are almost a dozen places in the city doing exactly that at least one day a week, many of which we have now tried in our time spent here over this year. Here are our favourites.

Note: brunch, especially on Sundays, is a big deal in Berlin and many places either require a reservation a couple of days ahead of time or for you to arrive when they open to ensure getting a table. All prices quoted are for all-you-can-eat but do not include drinks, as is usual in all kinds of brunch places in the city.

(Last update: 23rd April 2017)

Café Vux

Inside this quiet, minimalist, Portuguese inspired space with tastefully mismatching furniture, you can get delightfully decadent vegan cream cakes and generous drinks.


On Sundays it is transformed into a bustling brunch place with a range of mostly cold dishes laid out beautifully on a smallish table.

Everything is well labeled, and most things are savoury, with a selection of interesting salads (mostly made with whole foods, though there are a few imitation meats and cheeses), homemade spreads and breads.


When it comes to sweet stuff, there isn’t as much selection, but there are generous plates of fresh fruits as well as coconut rice pudding, brownies and homemade jam.


Staff take care to replace empty dishes and since they are not too big, the food remains fresh and doesn’t end up sitting out for hours.

Best if…you are craving a wholesome, filling brunch without too many processed foods.


  • Cost: €12 per person
  • Time: every Sunday, 12:00-15:00
  • Reservation policy: no reservations possible
  • Address: Wipperstrasse 14, 12055, Neukölln, Berlin
  • Nearest stations: Neukölln (U7 + S-bahn), Karl-Marx-Strasse (U7)
  • Foursquare; Facebook; website

Pêle Mêle

This café is a favourite of ours to sit and work over a tasty piece of vegan cake, but the buffet brunch is also vey much worthwhile. The choice is not enormous, but there is a good range of hot and cold foods.


Tofu features heavily, with several different varieties. There are salads, potato and rice dishes and fresh bread. Tofu scramble and soup are also great options for an autumn morning.


The few sweets there are consist of cinnamon rice pudding with cherries, brownies, tarts and homemade jams and spreads.


Best if…you’re a fan of tofu.


  • Cost: €13.50 per person
  • Time: every Sunday, 10:00-15:00
  • Reservation policy: reservations possible by telephone
  • Address: Innstrasse 26, 12043, Neukölln, Berlin
  • Nearest stations: Karl-Marx-Strasse (U7), Rathaus Neukölln (U7)
  • Foursquare; Facebook; website; Instagram


While this is undoubtedly the most high end place serving vegan buffet brunch, the price is no higher than other options, making a weekend morning the best time to eat at Kopps.


The spread is large and well stocked, featuring roasted vegetables, and array of fresh and innovative salads and spreads. They also have one of the best tofu scrambles I’ve had, and offer a large selection of vegan cheeses and meats which are such good imitations that we had to double check it was in fact vegan (it is!).


There is also soup, curries and fresh bread. The sweet options include mini pancakes, fluffy mouses, brownies and fruit sauces.


Best if…you want a experience a typical German buffet brunch, but with vegan substitutes.


  • Cost: €12.50 per person
  • Time: every Saturday and Sunday, 10:00-16:00
  • Reservation policy: reservations possible by email or phone
  • Address: Linienstrasse 94, 10115, Mitte, Berlin
  • Nearest stations: Rosenthaler Platz (U8), Oranienburger Tor (U6)
  • Foursquare; Facebook; website; Instagram

Playing With Eels

The interior of this vegetarian café-cum-bookshop is minimal but bright and cosy and also functions as a gallery with private viewings of art that changes frequently but stays up while the café is open. 90% of everything on the regular menu is actually vegan.


On Saturdays, the place fills up quickly for the all vegan brunch buffet which is spread out over a large table and is frequently tended to by staff. Most of the food is savoury, with a wide range of hot and cold dishes, spreads, salads, tofu, fresh bread and other baked goods.


Sweets include fruit salad, soy yoghurt, porridge, fruit crumble, chocolate pudding and brownies.


Best if…you are after simple but tasty comfort food.


  • Cost: €13 per person
  • Time: every Saturday, 11:00-17:00
  • Reservation policy: reservations possible online (but check you get a confirmation)
  • Address: Urbanstrasse 32, 10967, Kreuzberg, Berlin
  • Nearest stations: Südstern (U7), Schönleinstrasse (U8)
  • Foursquare; Facebook; website; Instagram

Alaska Bar

Normally a Spanish-style vegan tapas bar, Alaska also puts on a delicious, high quality brunch buffet on Sundays. The staff are super friendly, the setting is cute and intimate with a typical Berlin style interior. They do not take reservations and it can fill up quickly, so be there when they open to make sure you get a table.


There are such delights as vegan quiche, pasta dishes, potato dishes, various salads, homemade spreads, sandwiches and pastries.


Sweet options are a bit more limited, but include some fruit, cereals, soy yoghurt and a couple of cakes.


Best if…you want an intimate brunch place served with smiles and a friendly, Spanish vibe.


  • Cost: €12 per person
  • Time: every Sunday, 11:00-15:00
  • Reservation policy: no reservations possible
  • Address: Reuterstrasse 85, 12053, Neukölln, Berlin
  • Nearest stations: Rathaus Neukölln (U7), Boddinstrasse (U8)
  • FoursquareFacebookwebsite; Instagram


This long-standing vegan institution in Kreuzberg with an anarchist vibe serves an extremely popular and extensive brunch buffet every Sunday. Reservation is definitely advisable a couple of days in advance as, even though they have a large space, they fill up easily.


The selection of food on offer is quite impressive, all made with organic ingredients, including plenty of different kinds of salads, lentil, potato, pasta and grain dishes, as well as grilled vegetables, spreads and several meat substitutes like  tempeh and seitan.


For something sweet, there are also pancakes, brownie, fresh fruit, soy yoghurt, cereal, jam (and other sweet spreads) and several kinds of bread on offer.


Best if…you want a wide range of food in a bustling setting.


  • Cost: €13 per person
  • Time: first Sunday of the month, 11:00-15:00
  • Reservation policy: reservations possible by phone (only for 11:00 and 11:30)
  • Address: Erkelenzdamm 49, 10999, Kreuzberg, Berlin
  • Nearest stations: Kottbusser Tor (U1, U8)
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Hausprojekt Scherer8

In a pretty hidden and somewhat out of the way location, this communal house project puts on a vegan buffet brunch twice a month.


The range of food is good, including salad, pasta dishes, baked vegetables, flavourful mock meat, bread and spreads. A few different dessert dishes are also offered once the savoury things have been finished.


There is a kettle and a disorganised pile of tea boxes to help yourself to drinks, none of the cutlery, plates or furniture match, it’s a bit dark inside and you are expected to wash your dishes yourself once you’re done. If this doesn’t put you off, it’s definitely worth a visit to experience a somewhat more typical Berlin Vokü (Volks Küche or people’s kitchen).


Best if…you’re seeking a very alternative hangout and want to pay by donation.


  • Cost: suggested donation of €5-8 per person
  • Time: every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month from 13:00
  • Reservation policy: no reservations possible
  • Address: Schererstrasse 8, 13347, Wedding, Berlin
  • Nearest stations: Nauenerplatz (U9), Wedding (S41, S42)
  • Foursquarewebsite


Though pretty far out of town compared to all the other places on this list, this restaurant attached to the Essentis Bio Hotel, a fully vegan hotel and conference centre, puts on a pretty amazing vegan all-you-can-eat brunch every Sunday.


Overlooking the river Spree in a peaceful, suburban location, this bright and simply but tastefully designed restaurant feels fancy while still being cosy and welcoming. There may even be a cute guy playing the piano in one corner while you eat!


The spread includes an extensive and balanced mix of fresh salads, baked dishes, soup, stews, breads and homemade spreads as well as several cakes (including a couple of raw and gluten free options), jams, cereals, fresh fruit. Everything is organic and kept fresh and well stocked.


Best if…you want to escape the city and/or are looking for something a bit posh!


  • Cost: €17, including one hot drink or smoothie
  • Time: every Sunday 11:00-14:00
  • Reservation policy: reservations possible by phone
  • Address: Weiskopfstrasse 16/17, 12459, Oberschöneweide,  Berlin
  • Nearest stations: Parkstrasse (trams 27, 60, 67), reachable by tram from Schöneweide (S8, S9, S42, S45, S46, S47, S86) or from Karlshorst (S3)
  • Foursquare; Facebookwebsite; Instagram


This vegan bar serves a buffet brunch once a week, consisting of a nice mix of cooked and raw foods. They have some interesting salads, a good tofu scramble as well as the usual bread and spreads.


The brunch is well organised and presented, and food is topped up generously as it’s finished. The atmosphere is calm yet sociable and it gets busy without feeling packed. Unusually, brunch here includes one fruit smoothie per person, but other drinks are extra.


Best if…you want something healthy but varied.


  • Cost: €17 per person, including a smoothie
  • Time: every Sunday 10:00-15:00
  • Reservation policy: reservations possible online through their site
  • Address: Czeminskistrasse 10, 10829, Schöneberg, Berlin
  • Nearest stations: Kleistpark (U7), Julius-Leber-Brücke (S1, S2)
  • Foursquare; Facebook; website; Instagram


Hosting several evening meal popups and a weekly buffet brunch, this pleasant café with a surfing theme is cosy and inviting with a super cute mezzanine sofa area. There aren’t many tables, so do make a reservation especially if you want to come a bit after they open.

There isn’t a huge range of food in the buffet, but what there is is tasty and good quality: homemade bread, many different spreads, vegan sausage, pasta, fresh vegetables, fruit salad and some cakes and cookies.

Best if…you’re all about your German breakfast spreads!


  • Cost: €12.50 per person, including a small smoothie
  • Time: every Sunday 10:00-17:00
  • Reservation policy: reservations possible by telephone or Facebook page
  • Address: Okerstrasse 3, 12049, Neukölln, Berlin
  • Nearest stations: Leinestrasse (U8)
  • FoursquareFacebook; website

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