Guide to Vegan Fast Food in Berlin

Guide to Vegan Fast Food in Berlin

If there was anyone out there that still thought that eating vegan meant just salads, smoothies and lentils, they clearly haven’t been to Berlin. Being vegan doesn’t mean you have to miss out on fast food at all. Indeed, did you know it was recently announced that the best burger of the year is vegan?

So if you find yourself in Berlin craving vegan fast food, fear not. Of course there are plenty of options! This guide to the best vegan fast food in Berlin includes places where you can order, pay and quickly be fed for those times when you need something quick and satisfying.

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All the places mentioned here are self service, which means you order and pay at the counter and collect your food when it is called. It is also considered normal in these establishments to return your empty plates to trolleys provided. They are organised by neighbourhood. (Last update: September 2016)



Döner kebabs, a staple of German fast food (which were actually invented in Germany by a Turkish immigrant in the 1970s) are available in their original meat versions all over Germany, but a few vegan versions are popping up too. Vöner serves no doubt the best of these, using all organic ingredients. They serve the traditional style vöner in bread, heaped with salad and a choice of homemade sauce (the garlic-tahini is a favourite of mine), or on a plate accompanied by chips and salad. They also have a couple of burgers. Everything is vegan.


Details: Foursquare; Facebook; Website; Boxhagenerstrasse 56, 10245 Berlin

Our score: 8/10 for value; 9/10 for speed

Yoyo Foodworld

This 100% vegan fast food place offers a large selection of vegan burgers as well as some wraps, pizzas and a few desserts, probably for the lowest prices in the city. Chips are thin and crispy and burgers are loaded with sauce, though there is communal ketchup to add to your plate if you need more. The location has an anarchist vibe and the walls are plastered with vegan propaganda. Keep an ear out for your order, especially if you’re sitting outside as the staff will not come out to bring it to you.


Details: Foursquare; Facebook; Website; Gärtnerstrasse 27, 12045 Berlin

Our score: 10/10 for value; 10/10 for speed


With a very minimal interior, this place is a vegan meat substitute supplier first and a restaurant second. Their patties are pretty simple, but they serve them with a nice range of dressings, salad and cheeses. There aren’t so many options on the menu, and they don’t seem to serve fries, but their burgers are large and satisfying.


Details: Foursquare; Facebook; Website; Petersburgerstrasse 38, 10249 Berlin

Our score: 7/10 for value; 6/10 for speed


Vego Foodworld

Though it has a slightly different name, don’t be fooled: this place has exactly the same (fully vegan) menu as Yoyo Foodworld, with slightly higher prices, which is not surprising given its location in trendy Prenzlauerberg. The surroundings are much neater and more sanitised (not to say that Yoyo is dirty), though lack much character. Service is friendly and the vibe is calm and relaxed.

DetailsFoursquareFacebookWebsite; Lychenerstrasse 63, 10437 Berlin

Our score: 7/10 for value; 10/10 for speed

Fast Rabbit

With a relatively small range of options, but in a variety of combinations, this places serves satisfying wraps and fries with tasty sauces. Prices are a little higher than other places as you’re paying for the location right by Mauerpark. There are a few vegan cakes and their coffee is on point too. There’a also wifi, so you could even work a bit here if you needed to.


DetailsFoursquareFacebook; Eberswalderstrasse 1, 10437 Berlin

Our score: 6/10 for value; 8/10 for speed


Yellow Sunshine

This is a fully vegetarian burger joint and more than half the items on the menu are vegan. There is a good range of burgers, and chips are neither skinny nor chunky. Service can be slow and they often play slightly too loud metal music for my taste, but it is definitely a solid option. You can get a stamp for each burger you buy, and once you have ten stamps, you get one free.


Details: Foursquare; Facebook; Website; Wienerstrasse 19, 10999 Berlin

Our score: 7/10 for value; 3/10 for speed


Serving bagels, burgers and wraps, almost everything here comes in both a vegetarian or vegan version, though unfortunately the vegan ones are slightly more expensive. The menu makes the distinction clear by use of colour (red for vegetarian ingredients, green for vegan). Prices are at the high end, but not totally unreasonable, with a menu (burger, fries and soft drink) for around €8. The staff are very friendly and the fries are particularly good.

Details: Foursquare; Facebook; Website; Skalitzerstrasse 75, 10997 Berlin

Our score: 6/10 for value; 8/10 for speed

Glück to Go

This tiny burger joint focuses on bring you healthy fast food by using all organic ingredients, Ayurvedic spice mixtures and spelt flour instead of wheat flour for their buns. They also make all their own sauces, dips and chutneys. The menu is fully vegetarian, and every burger can be veganised on demand. Portions are a little small but pretty tasty. There are also a couple of freshly made healthy juices on offer.


Details: Foursquare; Facebook; Website; Friesenstrasse 26, 10965 Berlin

Our score: 6/10 for value; 8/10 for speed


Let It Be

For something a bit more fancy, Let It Be does not disappoint. Marketing itself as a vegan crêperie, they also have a good range of tasty and imaginative vegan burgers. Prices are relatively high, but the quality and quantity of food is absolutely worth it. The interior is super cute with quirky little pieces of art and vintage design everywhere. Service is very friendly and the atmosphere is generally lovely. They also have some gorgeous cakes!


DetailsFoursquareFacebookWebsite; Treptowerstrasse 90, 12059 Berlin

Our score: 8/10 for value; 7/10 for speed

Dandy Diner

This fully vegan fast food joint has a super slick and well designed aesthetic in dusty pink with pigs and pig motifs everywhere! The menu is not so extensive, with just four burgers to choose from, a couple of sandwiches and a salad. The burgers hit the spot and the fries are good. The vegan mayo tasted more like sour cream to me, but it was still good, though not what I expected!


Details: Foursquare; Facebook; Website; Karl-Marx-Straße 9, 12043 Berlin

Our score: 6/10 for value; 6/10 for speed

There are a few other places which are not strictly vegan or vegetarian (that is, they serve mostly meat), but which have a couple of good vegan burgers, including Lillyburger (Urbanstrasse 70, 10967), Hans im Glück (a chain all over Germany), Schillerburger (a Berlin chain, with its flagship burger joint at Herrfurthstrasse 7, 12049).


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