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Guide to Eating Vegan in Prague

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Prague is a surprisingly easy city to visit as a vegan. Given that it’s a city of less than 1.5 million people, there are a plethora of high quality vegan eateries, the likes of which could even rival places in Berlin.

We’ve been to Prague multiple times, but not since becoming vegan. Recently, we returned to the Czech capital for the fourth (fifth? sixth?) time and spent four days there when our itinerary was dominated by visits to the best places that vegan Prague has to offer. (Last update: July 2017)

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This is the key used in this guide, which appears directly under the name of each establishment mentioned:

Which meals are catered for

  • breakfast: typically from 09:00 onwards
  • lunch: typically 11:00-15:00, often with a fixed menu
  • dinner: typically 17:00-22:00
  • café: open all day, serving cakes, light meals and drinks

The type of food served

serves meat / vegetarian / vegan / raw vegan

A rough price range (based on prices of mains)

  • cheap: 50-100 CZK (€1.85-€3.70)
  • moderate: 150-200 CZK (€5.50-€7.35)
  • expensive: 200+ CZK (€7.35+)


breakfast & lunch / vegan / moderate

This fully vegan café/restaurant serves up lunch menus which change daily and consist of a soup and a main for 120 CZK (€4.40). There’s also a nice selection of interesting breakfast foods (such as pancakes with fruit and scrambled tofu bagel with coconut bacon), cakes and other savoury dishes such as burgers, falafel and salads.


They also have wifi and plenty of tables, making it a great place to come and sit and work for a while, which seemed not uncommon with locals too. Staff are friendly and speak good English and the whole place is welcome and cosy.


Mama Coffee

café / serves meat / moderate

This is a small Czech café chain with a couple of locations in Prague. This one offers soy milk for hot drinks and has a vegan apple strudel as well as sometimes a couple of vegan muffins. For something a bit more filling, there’s a wonderfully fresh hummus plate served with warm pita bread.


As a bonus, it’s also super digital nomad friendly, with fast wifi and several power outlets. If you do decide to work there, you certainly won’t be alone, as it’s also a popular place for this among students and locals.



Pizzeria Manna

lunch & dinner / serves meat / moderate

This Italian restaurant which feels more like a pub (and indeed has a separate smoking section) serves a generous, thin-base vegan pizza, for which you can choose between tomato sauce, vegan cheese or soy cream five vegetable toppings of your choice. It is easily enough to share between two. Additionally, they offer a vegan tomato soup and a couple of salads.



Secret of Raw Sweet

breakfast & café / raw vegan / expensive

This raw vegan café serves up a tantalising selection of cakes, smoothies and hot drinks as well as a few breakfast specials, though we found a few cakes and smoothies a bit too sweet for our liking (perhaps too much agave nectar?).


The service is extremely friendly and the interior is immaculate and charming. There’s also wifi and a couple of power outlets, making it a nice place to sit a work for a while, though we got the sense that this was unusual there.



Raw For You

lunch / raw vegan / moderate

This small canteen started after the owner spent seven months living on Zanzibar and discovered the benefits for herself of eating raw vegan. All fruits and vegetables used are organic, and the food on offer is wonderfully fresh and tasty.


Such delights as raw zucchini spaghetti with cashew cream and walnut and salad tacos are offered. There are also several gorgeous raw vegan cakes to choose from, and a few products for preparing similar things at home are sold too. There are plans to expand into a full restaurant, as at the moment, there is standing room only, so it’s best to come here and take your food away.



MyRaw Cafe

breakfast, lunch & dinner / raw vegan / expensive

Hidden away from the main street, this cute raw vegan restaurant serves up some delicious, unique and creative food. The tasting menu is a good option (and enough to share between two) to try out the full range of their food.

prague_myrawcafe_startersWe were particularly impressed by the Thai spice sticks, pea soup, raw pizzas and quiche. There’s also a good selection of interesting smoothies and a huge range of raw desserts to choose from. They also offer ‘cooking’ courses.




lunch & dinner / vegan / moderate

This place serves generous portions of comforting Czech and pan-European style food in a slightly odd location inside a small shopping passage with very little natural light. The food is tasty and satisfying, and the service friendly but hands-off.


The menu changes daily, and includes soups, salads and more substantial meals like potatoes and smoked tofu with green beans and courgette risotto. There is another location which has a slightly more diverse menu and more natural light, but we didn’t get to visit it.




vegan / lunch & dinner / moderate

This nicely designed restaurant is a relatively new one on the vegan Prague scene. Their full menu is rather varied, offering broadly mediterranean style food that changes seasonally, as well as soups, wraps, burgers, lasagne and rice dishes. Come for lunch if you’re feeling indecisive and get the fixed menu with just two options to choose from.

Everything was fresh and flavourful without being too bold. It’s a great option for something reliably good and filling. They also have a pretty decent alcohol selection and do a fine tiramisu, so coming for a late night dessert and aperitif is also a great option!


Also, if you’re after good coffee in Prague check out this great guide to the best cafes in Prague by Kami. And once you’ve done eating all the vegan things in Prague, explore some of the best places in the Czech Republic.

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