Bike tours will always remain popular with those who simply love to bike. After all, it is a fantastic experience to go on a man-powered road trip that takes you on a long-distance ride and lasts for a while.

As you pass through new places and cross adventures terrains, you gain new experiences and capture the spirit of the destination. In addition, you reap some health benefits of active self-propelled travel and feel good about yourself.

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If you are an ardent biker, why not plan a tour amidst the beautiful European cities? There is nothing quite like cycling through the vast unspoiled landscape bursting with culture and beauty. Europe is brimming with beautiful landscapes to discover, and biking is the best way to experience them to the full.

Enjoy the sunny weather and comfortable riding in Europe, and one can choose a route based on length, elevation, and difficulty. There are beginner routes through villages and meadows to more daunting paths into the mountains.

Here are some of the most popular bike tours in European cities.

  1. Luxembourg, Belgium
    Choose the mid-level tour in Belgium that begins in Luxembourg and takes you through the Belgian countryside. There are clearly marked cycle paths around the streets of the city and the surrounding regions. Get ready for an open-air adventure and stop at the local breweries for beer tastings. On the way, you will come across charming villages, castles, and old churches. Every year there are new additions to those miles and miles of cycle paths and trails that keep the bikers interested. Do not miss the chance to discover the history and culture of the country, and you can even cross over the neighboring country Netherlands and stop at the seaside town of Sluis, which is well famous for its classic windmills.
  2. Salzburg, Austria
    Salzburg is well known for its endless scenic views of lush landscapes that contrast with the snow-covered mountains in the backdrop. The region is a haven for cyclists as it boasts of a network of well-maintained and well-marked trails. The bike will take you through scenic Austria and across some of the most exciting cities. Cycle along the Danube Bike Path and through the famous beautiful lake district and pass through the quaint villages and romantic castles. Stop for a while at the beautiful vineyards, churches, palaces, fountains, and other attractions that simply can't be missed because you are on a bike. You could even go for the “Fräulein Maria's Bicycle Tour” to visit the film locations of the celebrated “The Sound of Music” movie. There are plenty of breaks on the way where one can stop at their will to enjoy the scenery.
  3. Champagne, France
    Those who are looking for a challenging cycling tour should head for the Champagne region of France for that magical adventure on the roads. Paddle through the beautiful river valley, explore the UNESCO area, and take advantage of the perfect climatic conditions. On the way, you will come across endless vineyards and cellars where the grapes are homegrown and stored. Enjoy a vast range of sparkling wines in the culturally significant region of France and sample different champagnes as well as delicious Brie cheese. You can start biking from Reims and move through the countryside towards Épernay and Hautvillers.
  4. Scotland
    There are very few places in the world that can stir your soul emotionally and spiritually, and Scotland is one of them. You are sure to get complexly enthralled by the tranquil natural beauty of the untamed landscapes with heather-clad moors and tumbling waterfall trails. Scotland cycling trails and routes have been planned and designed to immerse you completely in nature and the fantastical history of the region. Discover some of the most breathtaking spots of Scotland as you embark on a cycling holiday in the country filled with deep valleys, dramatic moors, and vibrant greenery. Try out some of the rugged wilderness tracks for a challenging cycling tour if you are an experienced cyclist.
  5. Norway Fjordland
    The bicycle tour in Norway through the coast along the stunning fjordlands is meant for expert cyclists. It is an excellent landscape for cycling that introduces you to the hidden charm of the region with harbor villages and lovely beaches. One can start the trip from Norway's stunning fjord lands, cycle across the Sognefjellet mountain pass, and go towards the village of Fimreite. Skjolden boasts of the longest and deepest fjord of the country, and bikers simply love exploring the Irish countryside. There are different hike and cycling tours throughout the Northwest region and Causeway Coast.

Pick any of the above-listed locations and routes for your cycling tour in Europe and take advantage of the stunning terrain and wonderful weather in the region that is perfect for exploring on a bike. If you have children, ensure that helmets, child seats, and other accessories are in place for complete comfort and safety.

Featured image by Tobias Cornille on Unsplash

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