New York City is a bucket list destination for many people and one of the most iconic places to visit is Central Park. Of course, this was one place I didn’t get to visit on my last trip to New York earlier this year. On that occasion, the weather was cold and grey and whenever we were nearby it didn’t seem like a good time to pop into the urban park.

On this trip, however, we lucked out and got to Central Park on a gorgeous sunny autumn day. After walking through the dark, crowded, noisy streets of Midtown Manhattan to get there, arriving into the park with all its green, gold and orange leaves, open space and pedestrian-only paths was such a relief!

I found seeing the skyscrapers from the wide open space of the park, rather than from narrow streets looking up so much nicer! From inside the park you can actually appreciate the architecture and the contrast between the city skyline and nature is quite striking. I was immediately reminded of the final scene of Battlestar Galactica!

Indeed, Central Park is one of the most filmed locations in the whole world, so you don’t have to go far into the park until you’re likely to stumble upon a place that you recognise from movies or television. Walking under the Bethesda Terrace to the eponymous fountain right by The Lake, I suddenly realised I’d seen this place in an episode of Dr Who, and later learned that it was also an iconic location in Angels in America miniseries, among many others no doubt!

Passing then by the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Great Lawn, we reached the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, which at first you can’t see because the barrier surrounding it is raised above street level. Taking the path to walk around this disused reservoir it is quite stunning, as you’re confronted with a view of nothing but open water and skyscrapers at its edge.

The route I took from the southeastern corner of Central Park up to the reservoir took around 45 minutes. This covers roughly half of the park’s length, and if you were meandering and stopping more, taking a rowboat out on The Lake, having a romantic picnic or playing games, you could easily spend several hours, or indeed an entire day in the park.

There are tons of other locations used in television and movies to look out for in Central Park including classics like Sex and the City, Cruel Intentions, When Harry Met Sally and you can even take tours specifically to find them, such as the Gossip Girl Tour.

Have you ever been to Central Park? What spots did you recognise from your favourite films of series?

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