No matter if you are a skiing enthusiast or have always fancied a go on the slopes, a skiing holiday is something you need to do at least once in your lifetime. However, once you have experienced it, you will soon find why it such an addictive holiday. Picture you and your closest friends or family speeding down the serene slopes, the most stunning views before you, feeling happy and healthy. You can then warm up and attend Apres-ski, which is some of the most fun nights you will have while on your skiing holiday. You may think you are too unfit, uncoordinated, or just don’t have the budget for a ski vacation, yet we’re here to tell you that simply isn’t true. There is a skiing holiday for everyone, and you are guaranteed to have the best time, making memories that will stay with you long after you get home. Here are the top five reasons your next vacation needs to be skiing.

It’s great fun

When booking a vacation, it can be tricky finding somewhere that suits everyone in your group. Some prefer to sit and relax, and others like to indulge in sporting activities, and others like to explore and go shopping. If you go skiing, there is such a myriad of things for everyone to do that no-one is left out. From skiing to partying, to shopping and dining out, you will be spoilt for choice with activities. There are also so many places to stay, from lodges and chalets to luxury hotels and Air Bnb’s. Think about what you want from your break and look at the many accommodation choices on offer.

It can introduce you to a new hobby

Skiing or snowboarding is an entirely new sport and could be one you’ve unwittingly been missing out on your whole life. In fact, it could be your new calling in life and a hobby that you take up for life. It is a fantastic way to keep fit while also being great fun at the same time. Skiing works out every muscle in your body, and if you do it regularly, you will find yourself getting fit very quickly. Can’t quite get to the slopes every week? Look out for indoor ski centers near you that you can do instead.

It’s perfect for a group

Ski holidays are the ideal choice if there is a group of you. It is the perfect opportunity for you to catch up and do something fun together and create memories that you will remember forever. Whether you haven’t seen each other in a while and are looking for a way to all re-connect or see each other all the time and want to do something different, skiing is the perfect way to do that. It also offers plenty of opportunities for you to split into smaller groups depending on what you want to do, then meet back up again in the evening to fill each other in on what you’ve been up to that day and spend the evening as a group.

There are many destinations to choose from

One of the best things about skiing holidays is that you can do it in so many places, offering you many opportunities to see the world and head not too far from home if you don’t want to. Courchevel in France is the world's largest alpine ski domain with 600km of interconnected ski runs and is great if you are heading to Europe. Vall in Colorado is known for its large size and variety, offering three separate terrain parks for different abilities, levels, and preferences. Or you can go skiing in Banff, Canada – a national park located in the heart of Alberta. Others include Val d'Isere, Cortina D'Ampezz in Italy, Telluride in Colorado, Niseko in Japan (where you can find four interlinked ski resorts) and Kitzbühel in Austria. There are so many resorts all around the world; it’s up to you to take a look and decide where you want to go. 

The stunning scenery

When skiing, the scenery is unlike anything you have ever seen. With neverending white snow and mountains at such a great height, you feel on top of the world. While it is great fun to ski, it is also lovely to stop every now and then and just take in your surroundings. Be sure to bring a camera or go pro with you to capture some of the more spectacular views – you won’t regret it!

These are just a few reasons that a skiing trip should be your next holiday. No matter what you want from your break, you will find just what you are looking for.

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