As I mentioned back in February, we would be reviewing the MEEM Memory Cable. We’ve now had a chance to use it, so we’re sharing what we think!

Available for both Apple and Android devices, the MEEM Memory Cable serves as a charging cable with built-in backup capability, meaning it can synchronise your photos, videos, music, messages, calendar and contacts while you’re charging your device to the built-in hard drive in the cable.



If you use the cable with your wall plug charger immediately out of the box, it will charge your device but not back it up. To be able to use the backup function, you need to download the free app, Mirror, follow the instructions and choose a 4 digit password to protect your backups.

Then, when you first launch the app while the device is plugged in, backup will begin automatically. The user interface of the app is very simple and satisfying to use. Restoring from a backup is easy and intuitive and doesn’t require any specialised understanding of how data is backed up. We also really liked that we can use the same device to backup both of our phones!



At first, I didn’t like the neon green colour, and I’m still not too sure about it, but it does serve to make the device easily recognisable so that you can finding it in your luggage if it gets buried at the bottom of a bag or you’re searching for it in low light. It’s also very slick satisfying to hold, but has a good grip to it, making it easy to handle.

Should you buy a MEEM Memory Cable?

I feel that the MEEM Memory Cable would be the most useful for someone who is travelling only with a smartphone and no laptop. This way, you can be sure that your photos, video, calendar, music, messages and contacts will be backed up even if you don’t have good enough internet connections to back up to the cloud.

I also really like that it’s a double action device so it isn’t just an extra thing to carry that only serves one purpose. Since it’s so small and light, the investment in space is not a big one, so even for people travelling with carry-on luggage only, it is perfect.


Find out more about the MEEM Memory Cable on their site, Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram.

Disclaimer: we were provided with a complimentary MEEM Memory Cable to use and were not asked to produce a favourable review. Our opinions, as always, are our own.

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